Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Year, New You (formerly “The Bearimeter comes to 45MOMM”)


A PAX of 20 gathered NOJ for a 45MOMM beatdown that went something like this:


Long mosey around full perimeter of AO, plank for the 6

COP: 25 SSHs, 25 DQs (pop quiz for TYA to name 4 Tennessee Titans, Lab Rat maintained cadence), 25 Imperial Walkers, 25 Crab Cakes, 25 Crunchy Frogs, 25 Russian Soldiers, 3 arm circles

Mosey to middle of main field along the track, plank for the 6
Partner up for Touch-a-tree: partner 1 runs to a tree while partner 2 performs an exercise until partner 1 returns, switcheroo and increase number of trees touched each round.
Rounds 1 – 4: Capital Letters
Rounds 5 & 6: Lt. Dans

Short mosey to tennis courts for Bearimeter: bear crawl one side of tennis courts, 10 merkins at corner, Al Gore waiting for the 6, 12 LBCs IC – repeato x4 until entire perimeter of tennis courts have been bearcrawled.

Mosey towards SF, stop short for Pan Pax BodyBuilder Burpees: 8 count exercise, each member of pax takes a turn counting cadence

Mosey back to SF for 30s of American Hammers

COT – Bleeder took us out

    Naked Moleskin

Thanks to everyone for attending YHC’s 3rd Q in as many days. Rosie has attended all 3 days…no shocker there.

Cheers to Lab Rat for keeping cadence while YHC quizzed TYA about the Patriots’ opponent in the playoffs this weekend. Go Titans!

We would have done more arm circles had Flashdance been there.

The Pax was not pleased when YHC called for Touch-a-tree after we pitched up as far away from the trees as possible. All part of the plan, TYA. It worked out well, and an audible was called to continue rounds 5 & 6.

No mumblechatter observed during the Bearimeter…a crowd pleaser indeed.

Solid work to all for counting cadence on the bodybuilder burpees!


CSAUP overnight April 13-14: running to all AOs as a team. Find a team of 6-9 from your nano-region.

Saturday 10am FREE Nutrition seminar at somewhere Cross-Fit. See Shakedown.


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  1. Way to Q it up three days in a row, DK! The trees seemed like they were farther away each round. Great time and workout, guys!

  2. Thanks DK, I think I can finally perform a bodybuilder burpee without completely embarrassing myself.

    Appreciation to Lockjaw for finding all my trees!

    I shed several layers as the workout progressed. Any longer and it would have been all-skin.

  3. Great Q DK and we got in some miles today, both of the 2 legged and 4 legged version. Big ups to Swirly for being a warrior and running with a bum knee. Dominate your Thrusday!

  4. Great Q DK, as always. Nice work men.

    The nutrition thing is billed as a Fat Loss Seminar and is described as such:

    Come hang with us and learn how we design effective macros based nutrition plans and what we have to offer in 2018 for your best diet success ever

    Link to FB event page:

    It’s free.

    I am going to be working on my nutrition plan as a part of my quest to be more fit physically, mentally, and spiritually in the coming year. Thought I would share the opportunity with the PAX

  5. I smell Bear crawl in the morning…. Bear-I-meter is no joke…. short enough to test speed but plenty long enough to test the crawl endurance…way to bring it DK… the AO’s have tooo many light posts and not enough trees. Great to see Hardywood!! makes my day Super… inspired by Swirly’s guts toughing out the injury. 2018 New year New You…

  6. I made it to 2 out of 3 DK Q’s this week, and there was 4-legged running aplenty at both. Obscure back and shoulder muscles were already sore after Tuesday. Way to bring the pain, DK – that’s what we pay for!

  7. I feel like Rosie should get a special shirt — “I survived the DK Trilogy of 2018” or something.

    SS – maybe you and I and Shakedown and others who attended 2 of the 3 can qualify for a free Icy Hot Patch with DK’s avatar on it or something.