Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A great 5.5, a good 7


2 warriors posted for a hill run, launching from the pump house.

The Thang: Buttermilk to T. Pottersfield to North Bank

NMM:  Weather turned and the outside temp was perfect for a run.  The negative on the higher temps was that all the snow and ice melted leaving the trails pretty difficult. Probably shouldn’t have run on the trails today…but once we were in, we were committed.

The first 5.5 miles were awesome despite the sloppy trails.  We had a good pace and kept the pace hight.  Once the sun set and Swirly’s IT band tightened up, the pace slowed a bit.  Despite Swirly’s pleas that we take a shortcut, we resisted the temptation and did the whole 7 miles. Since Swirly is gonna stay off the trails for a little while, I would appreciate any Weds afternoon company.





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