Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

IC – In Conversation


An SOJ Pax of 4 fought the comforts of the fs to post to SOT on a frosty morning (0 from New Market or Hallsley). The beatdown went something like this:


Döner Kebab on Q

30s late start = immediate COP in parking lot (all IC – in conversation after in cadence failed): SSHs, Russian Soldiers, Crunchy Frogs, Flutterkicks, Copperhead Squats, Plank

Mosey to bus loop for Curb Crawl: BearCrawl across, 2 merkins, CrawlBear back, 4 merkins (increase by 2 up to 10 and back down)

Mosey to random place in grass in front parking lot of school, partner up for Touch-a-Tree: partner 1 performs WWIIs, partner 2 touches 1 tree and returns, switcheroo (increase number of trees touched each time up to 4, different tree each time)

Mosey to front of school to benches for Tabatta: Dips

Roscoe on Q

From sidewalk in front of school – Modified Dora: 10 merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 squats (focus on form), run a lap around parking lot (repeato x3)

Stay on sidewalk and partner up for Indian Arm Wrestling: right hands together facing each other, outsides of right feet touching, on count of 3 try to force the other to take a step. Loser = 5 burpees, Winner = 10 LBCs (Fight each member of PAX)

Quick mosey to parking lot for Human Footbal Sled Drill: partner up, face each other and lock shoulders, 1 partner acts as sled and gives resistance while the other pushes “sled” about 25 yards. Repeato with each member of PAX with LBCs in cadence inbetween

Mosey back to SF for very quick COT – Gumbo took us out

Naked Moleskin

Upon initial assembly, Roscoe bemoaned the poor user experience of using his phone to try to sign up to Q. YHC invited Roscoe to take the Q…and the compromise was made to share Q responsibilities.

The conversation was a good one, but the workout needed to start so YHC called SSHs and tried to keep cadence but it wasn’t worth it. So we enjoyed the initial COP IC – in conversation.

There was still some icy spots on the bus loop which made the Crab Crawls interesting…more like Crab Scoots in some places.

Great to have Roscoe Q and throw out some fun activities. I think he was undefeated in the Indian Arm Wrestling. Unofficial results: Roscoe (3-0), Döner Kebab (2-1), Gumbo (1-2), Rosie (0-3)

Football Sled Drills must be easier if you’re taller…or used to be an offensive lineman (Gumbo). Good fun all the same.

Not surprising to NOT see Honeymoon, Marmaduke or Wilson out since they ventured to Cville the night before and had a late return. But where was everyone else??!?


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  1. Great job DK and thanks for the intro to new exercises that I’m not any good at Roscoe. Looking forward to see how the the IC exercises go tomorrow at 45MOM.

  2. Good Q DK – you had no chance at cadence in COP so way to roll with it. And some fun new exercises from Roscoe. Way to work fellas.

    See you in the gloom of Timberwolf tomorrow…