Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

70 and Sunny


10 Strong came out to play in the snow, here’s how it went down:


Side Straddle Hop (15 count)

Merkins (10 count)

Flutter Kicks (15 count)

Don Q (10 count)

LBC’s (15 count)

-Take a long lap around the neighborhood, back to parking lot…


-Page out of EF Hutton’s playbook.  Partner Up- Bernie Sanders up and Down Hill while partner does burpees.  Switch and continue until total 100 burpees.

-Up to the Field  = Stay with Partner for DORA

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 LBC’s

-Partner UP:  Wheelbarrow to 25 yard line, 50 yard line, and 75 yard line (stop at each and do 10 Merkins).  End of Field, switch and other partner pushes, rinse and repeat on way back.  Audible at 50 yard line on way back, time to Mosey back to the flag…

Mary – Tossed the Potato to Kubota for some ab work!


YHC was very impressed by the PAX this morning….  To my knowledge, despite the repetitive potential pitfalls (ice, snow, curb, ice, now curb, step), nobody took a tumble.  This was especially remarkable during Bernie Sanders up and down the hill (thanks EF Hutton for starting this a month or two back).

Kubota got his feet wet and did a great job with cadence during Mary, well done.  Fudd took us out (thanks buddy).  Well done today guys, great start to the week.

Numberama, Name Aroma….

Announcements: None, it’s cold!



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  1. Way to throw out the 100 Burpees like it was nothing Slurpee. Was properly warmed up after that. Kubota is a natural at cadence, now when can we get his VQ on the board?

  2. Nice Q, Slurpee! Thanks for helping me get my feet wet(figuratively and literally). Also, what is the obsession with wheelbarrows lately? They are not on my top 10 list. Good job guys! See ya in the gloom!

  3. Can’t believe I forgot to mention: HoneyDo was the only pax member showing off his knees this AM! What’s better, he did it at dogpile on Saturday in 5 degrees…YHC is convinced that there must be a method to this madness, however, there are still missing variables in the equation… I will chalk it up to the following: Much like EF Hutton’s Bandana, it just works. Why ask why?

  4. Solid Q Slurp. I think Ginger would agree with Kubota on the wheelbarrows, might have put him on the DL.

    There’s power in the bandana, like Samson’s hair.

  5. Great Q Slurpee !! Nice Cadence Kubota! (I smell a VQ) Way to bring it Ginger.. 90% of success is showing up… as far as the continued use of Wheel Barrows I should once again just post my office number… and apologizes go to my partner HoneyDo… every time I was doing wheelbarrows my pants would come down to my knees… honeydo and I are now special partners and non of you can take that away from us.

  6. Wheel Barrow on Flipdog! = Good for business and for creating magical memories as you described…

  7. Great Q Slurpee! Felt like we had a veteran leading us today. Burpees plus the wheelbarrows equaled smoked guns for the rest of the day. Looking forward to a Kubota VQ soon!