Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Record Day on the Trails


A strong 7, including one SOPer, posted for a record day on the trails.

The THANG: The Q called north side to south side, crossing at Belle Isle.  The PAX performed 0 burpees, one for each degree Fahrenheit, and began the journey.  Saab crossed at T. Potter.  Lab Rat, TYA, and Shakedown added the Forest Hill loop.

NMM:  According to YHC’s records, this was the coldest Sunday trail run, the previous being at 5 degrees last year, and both completed by Saab in shorts.  Perhaps even more remarkable was Flatline’s first post to the trail run ever – heck of a day for an inaugural post.

The Q informed TYA that he was not allowed shortcuts, nor to venture from the group, which probably led to TYA adding the loop.  YHC hopes he got the solitude he sought and finished strong.

PAX noted that the trails were surprisingly pleasant this morning.  There were no mountain bikers, no other runners or hikers, and no trail mermaids, although Whistleblower did a song and dance as she imagined at one point that a salamander was crawling up her leg.

To Honeydo’s “foolish is better than stupid” and Gomer’s “dry is better than warm,” we can add “snow-covered rocks are better than clean rocks.”  Flatline took a bit of a spill at one of the creek crossings, and YHC hopes he is okay.

Shakedown and Saab documented frozen beards, eyelashes, rivers, and Hannibal Lecter masks with their cell phones.  Hopefully some pictures can be posted here.

Saab: Ever notice that when we work out in these temperatures that cell phone batteries get drained?

Offshore: No… crap, my phone just died.

Thanks to Whistleblower and Flatline for the company and conversation along the Buttermilk.  Tclaps to Saab for beating the PAX to the pump house despite taking the long cut.  Tclaps to the other PAX for completing 10 miles (assuming you made it back…).


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  1. Agreed, coldest trail run ever. Decision to stay on the snow covered trails was a good one….footing was decent and it was picturesque. Great 2nd F at ETs with TYA.

    I have a good picture of Flatline and Offshore looking as though they just descended Everest.

  2. Epic is 100% correct. Shakedown thanks for taking pics. What a way to see RVA at sunrise. All good from my rock slippage-M Flatline asked if I fell. No way, rock assessment!
    And yes, my cell charged to dead <1 sec!
    PAX, outstanding work!!! 0 degrees-legendary!
    Loud and Proud…………….and frozen!

  3. Great run today! I’ve been telling everybody how awesome it was this morning, but nobody believes me. They just look at me funny and shake their head.

    Sorry to miss the WB salamander shuffle. BTW, they are cold blooded, thus aint climbing anywhere right now.

    Also, hated to miss ET’s, but I was trying to be a good person. Mission failed, should have hung out.

  4. Also, nice call on the burpees per degree F. A great way to start the day when it’s cold. Don’t try that BS when it’s 70 though.

  5. https://twitter.com/joeparfitt/status/950034158813958150

    Don’t know how to post pics here but I included a link to Twitter for anyone who missed the pictures. The trails were soft and easy on the feet (no need to ice after – lol). My watch died about the time we hit the FH loop, must have been from the cold since it wasn’t a drained battery – it started right back up. Good times guys but I’m not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to some warmer temps for the next trail run.