Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s Celebrate!


19 great fellas decided to brave the bitter cold (NO Patriot Fans) to enjoy a Wilson celebration of the Buffalo Bills breaking the 17 year playoff drought!

Here is how it went down

Short mosey to the circle for COP (17 each exercise)

SSH, Russian Soldier, LBC, Saggy 6 & Don Quiote

Mosey to amphitheater for a modified deck of death. Here were the rules

Face cards = 17 reps, #4 cards = 4 burpees each step (thank GOD we did not get one) & Joker = 20 count rest (informed while in gloom there were no jokers in the borrowed deck.)

Exercises – Hand Release Merkins, Dips, Wheel Barrow, WWII (legs up), Dive Bomber Merkin, Sword Fight & Superman.

Mosey to circle for rotating ring of fire – 4 burpees at each cone. Started w/ Merkins and audibled to other exercises.

Thanks for letting YHC lead you today. Some work needs to be done on that beat down, but wanted to keep running to a minimum as I am fighting a chest cold.

COP chatter was great and the Saggy 6 will return, but likely with some rocks next time.

My feet are STILL cold, but hopefully will warm up this weekend!

I wanted to celebrate the Buffalo Bills making the playoffs, but failure to use hands or breathe made it difficult. Oh well – here are some fun facts about the Buffalo Bills!

est. 1960 owned by Ralph Wilson

Best Seasons 1990 & 1991 (13-3)

Worst season 1971 (1-13) Proud to say we NEVER had a winless season like the Browns this year!!!

Attended FOUR Super Bowls as players (not fans) and walked away with a great dynasty of losing! 1990-1993

Last time in playoffs was 1999 – until now 17 YEAR drought. We gladly pass the record off to the Browns. We hope you hit 18 years or more!!!

ET’s was entertaining – Swirly needs to get his work computer checked for viruses!



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  1. Nice Q this morning, Wilson. I wish I hadn’t drawn the hand release merkin card! Go Dukes! Go Scott Norwood!

  2. Fun Q Wilson. Go Tyrod! I want wings now, hold the bleu cheese or is it blue? Either way, give me ranch.

  3. Happy to celebrate a team from the great state of NY…event if it wasn’t the Giants.

    Glad I got to practice my Dive Bomber Merkins.

  4. Great Q Wilson! I will be a Bills fan for 3 hours tomorrow and then it turns to KEEP POUNDING! Strong work gents! Hats off again to the bare knees Gumbo and a Rosie!

  5. Sad to see Saab and Kubota with pants put there in the Gloom. In a morning of several questionable exercises the Wheelbarrow up the stairs was the winner.

  6. Just regaining feeling In my extremities. Wilson – good Q and good luck to your Bills. Great PAX today. Great way to start the weekend. Sorry I couldn’t join at ETs.

  7. So after doing WheelBarrows up the amphitheater I would be remiss if I didn’t post my office number Holland Family Chiropractic 798-1110. Also for dental work I would try Seymour…Wilson for your sake…I hope the Bills play better than most of us looked during the amphitheater portion of the Beatdown

  8. Wilson, good Q! Wheelbarrows up amphitheater May definitely lead to more clients for Flipper! No better way to start the morning!!
    ET-great as always! Key and Peele, something about a detective….
    Loud and Proud!!