Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snowball Snowcrawl!


Snow, ice, wind… Who cares? Not the 6 fighters who stormed into The Creek for a fun fest that went something like this…

10 burpees, mosey (including some skating) halfway around the church building, 10 burpees, mosey back to the start.

COP – All IC – 50 SSHs, 20 mountain climbers, 10 snow angels (WWII setup with snow angel motion while down), 25 LBCs, 10 don quixotes, arm circles, 25 LBCs, 50 SSHs.

Mosey to the pavillon

1 minute bench jumps, 1 minute dips, 50 LBCs IC – repeat

Mosey to the snow field

Snow Corners

10 burpees, run to the first corner, 10 merkins, bear crawl to next corner, 10 snow angels, lunge to next corner, 10 squats, bear crawl to next corner…

50 LBCs IC

20 burpees, skip to the first corner, 20 merkins, skip to next corner, 20 snow angels, skip to next corner, 20 squats, skip to next corner…

50 LBCs IC

Mosey to the SF…

Spit took us out

Note: LBC (LFC if you prefer) count – 400


YHC had a tough decision last night regarding the name and theme for this workout. Do I go with “Skating at The Creek” in light of the icy parking lot or “Snowball Snowcrawl” in light of the opportunity to crawl around the field… YHC went with the latter even though the former could have applied as well.

Legend has it that Mudface drove into the parking lot to find Emoji walking around by himself. Emoji didn’t have a car so he ran to the AO. YHC heard from one of the PAX that his wife had said, “What? Are you really going?” in light of this morning’s weather and road conditions. We are doing something write if the M’s are saying things like that!

The PAX took off running and skating around the parking lot of 10 burpees fired up the engines a bit. YHC included a healthy about amount of LBCs in light of the monthly challenge (even though none of the PAX knew about the monthly challenge). LBCs were renamed LFCs this morning (little frozen crunches) in light of icy parking lot surface.

Mumble chatter was light and the groans came early and often with the LFCs… Nobody seemed cold though.

The “Snow Corners” brought a ton of snow fireworks as YHC instructed the PAX to grab handfuls of snow and toss them in the air for each jump up during the burpees. Snow was flying everywhere. A LOT of snow was sent toward Mudface in light of the MURPH he threw down on us at MannDate a few days earlier.

LP is a fighter. The 9 yr old 2.0 requested to still join the PAX even though his dad (Chowdah) was leaving town on a mission trip to Costa Rica. LP pushed through the workout. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury due to Emoji tripping due to a big hole in the ground during the Ring of Fire. Emoji landed on LP’s leg and caused some freezing pain. The PAX rallied around the little warrior and Spit did a noble job of praying for him as we all surrounded him.

With F3, nobody is alone. We are in this together. 9 or 99 years old. It may be “you vs you” but we are cheering and challenging each other along the way. When it comes to life’s challenges, it is “you WITH you.”

Let’s keep looking for ways to pick one another up when we are down.

Let’s keep pushing to strengthen not only our bodies but our spirits and relationships.

Let’s keep pushing in 2018!

The Carpenter


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  1. Great Q Carpenter and thanks for catching us up on the LBC Challenge!! 400!! Holy LBC Batman!!

    Glad to hear LP is recovering well after the injury this morning. That 2.0 is a fighter!

  2. Thanks for leading and letting us know about the challenge for this month! Glad we didn’t do the tunnel of love this morning!