Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kettlebells and West Enders


1 SOJer posted with 3 west enders for a SOP friendly workout at TwinTeam.  The F3 RVA forecast was sunny and 70 but the temperature for the rest of the world was 11 with -1 wind chills.

YHC dragged 2 kettlebells out of the backseat of the car at 0529 to the surprise of the PAX.  Mosey (easy walk since the parking lot was mostly packed snow or ice) to the entrance of the school for a dry spot that was hopefully shielded from the wind (not so much).

Warm up SSH, Helicopters, Hillbillies, Flutter Kicks, Merkins

Quadruple Check – Run (find a snowy chunky path and make your way) around the drop off loop, Freddie Mercuries, KB Press, Goblet Squats

Lazy Dora – 100 KB Swings (10 each while partner in Al Gore), 100 merkins (Partner in plank), 100 Dollies (Partner 6 inches)  Round 2 – Switch KBs 100 swings, 200 squats (wo KB), 200 LBC

6 minutes of Burpees – Each minute add 1 start at 5 up to 10

Mary – American Hammers, APD, Heels to Heaven

Numbers/Names – Flipper took us out


Honeydo tweeted last night that he was considering which AO to post to and realized another SOP had the Q at TwinTeam.  This meant he would not have a repeat of army crawls and burpees in the snow, decision made.  The SOP crew may be foolish for wearing shorts in these conditions but we are not stupid.  YHC was happy to make a SOP friendly workout and tried to stay out of the wind too but that didn’t work out as well.  Mr. Holland’s first time with kettlebells, and maybe Flippers too, and they rocked it.  Simple KB exercises today but now that the KBs are back in the vehicle they could make another appearance at an AO with lower attendance #s.  The west enders took over TwinTeam today, outnumbering YHC, hopefully warmer weather will bring the SOJ regulars back out.


CSAUP – AO to AO run April 13-14.  Get your team nano region or otherwise together.  More details to come.



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  1. Way to lead us through the ice and snow safely Rosie. BWES parking lot was a sheet of ice.
    Burpees at the end warmed me up plenty.

  2. Sobering moment when one of the pax has on a JMU shirt and you say hey I went ther too… what years where you there??? Yeah I was there when he started Kindergarten… thanks for the kick in the Nuts Mr. Holland…. But this Holland had a hell of a time there while you were learning to read…. Go Dukes!!

  3. Haha when you put it that way I dunno if it makes me sound young or you sound old, Flip. I might be a little farther from my expiration date, but y’all keep me working hard to even keep up!

    Go Dukes – back to back!