Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twelve Faces of Christmas


Five PAX, mirroring the five Platonic solids, emerged in the gloom at Heartbreak Ridge.  An exercise die in the shape of a regular dodecahedron (the fifth Platonic solid) was back in play after its introduction at Heartbreak Ridge last week:

COP: 10 burpees for the temp + 1 burpee for the wind chill, Hammer Dance, Don Quixote, Mountain Climber, Hello Dolly, Elf/Russian Hammer Dance

Mosey to the end of the upper field to use the exercise die.  PAX take turns tossing the die, the tosser calls how to get there (bear crawl, crab walk, etc.) , then PAX complete the exercise on the top face.  The number of reps on the die was multiplied by 1 on the first toss, 2 on the second, 3 on the third, then repeato.  Each PAX tossed 2-3 times as we traversed both softball fields.

Mosey to pull up bars for 20 pull-ups each.  Mosey to the hill next to the football field for 5 runs up the hill, clearing each of the benches along the way.  Then 3 more runs.  Complete 1 revolution of Macarena merkins on the hill, and mosey back to the VSF for COT.

NMM:  Plato supposedly thought God used the dodecahedron to arrange the constellations in the sky.  PAX could have verified this as the sky was clear, but spent most of their time staring at the ground in plank position.  Unlike last week, the die repeatedly rolled to a 1-minute plank (which was sometimes multiplied by 2 or 3).

YHC introduced himself to Loose Goose and welcomed him to F3, as he did not recognize him bundled up in the gloom.  Kudos to Honeydo who posted again in shorts – perhaps a personal challenge?  One of the benches rose  up and checked Pucker on the sprints uphill as if he were planning to take a slapshot – YHC hopes you heal quickly.  Mr. Holland noted that Macarena merkins seem incomplete without Fudd’s singing.

YHC was reminded again (by himself) that he should really get around to making a shovel flag.  Anyone up for a shovel flag workshop?



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  1. I tried to pull up the 2018 statistics to see my name at the top of the Qing list (cause you know that won’t last!) and Big Data requires a minimum of a month – ha!

    Good work today, men – thanks making it out into the cold gloom.

  2. So glad we never rolled Burpees somehow. Not saying I won the SOP Challenge as only PAX member to wear shorts across all of F3RVA, as SOP is more of a state of mind & lifestyle, but…

  3. Dead Greeks, Hammer Dance & Dungeons and Dragons in the same workout?!!??!?

    Offshore 4 teh W!!|\|\| !!!!!

    Nice work making it out there gents!

  4. Offshore, great workout and great preparation for the temperatures at the pond hockey tournament I am playing in Lake Placid later this month! That bench took me down for only a second but I am good. Surely a penalty should have been called!