Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

By the light………of the silvery moon……


A fiesty five posted to DaVille, greeted by a moon that would make you think it was Sunny and 70, but the temps let you know different.  Phonics was even on time this morning, so we let him park in the front row of cars.  Speaking of Phonics, since he had arrived, we knew it was time to get moving.

Slaughter starter:  10 burpees, nice and slow.

Parking lot tracers.

COP:  SSH, Hillbillies (by request), some wild combination of arm circles, Don Quixote’s.


Burpee Boulevard:  Starting at Atlee Station, run to the gate (3/4 miles, but who’s counting?  Right, Opus?).  3 burpees at each light pole.  PLANK AT THE GATE!  Finish up with a couple minutes of plank.

MARY Sanders:  Each pax picks a Mary exercise for the other pax to do while he runs backwards up the hill to the fence, then forwards back.  Each man runs three times.

Chinese fire drill:  Form of:  a single line.  Start running back to the flag, the six breaks off and runs a lap around the pax and then takes the lead.  Run back to New Ashcake.

BAS (Big Ass Suicide)- Suicide across the length of the parking lot.

1 minute of happy feet.


Yep, it’s cold!  But that doesnt stop this pax.  The idea for the slaughter starter came from a little primer I read on tips for riding in the cold….you should start uphill to get your body making some heat.  Burpees seem like going uphill.

Since there were only 5 of us, we had some fun in the COP, and cadence got a touch out of hand.  Spit started doing some weird jumping jacks, which I took as a request for Hillbillies.

Directions were ignored during the burpee boulevard by Phonics, who finished first (surprise) then turned to gather the six.  Not a big deal, but then I need to make fun of somebody.  Opus was less than impressed with my singing, and neither of us could think of the rest of the song that is the title of this BB.  Or, maybe he knows all the words, but didnt want to encourage me to sing anymore.

Speaking of making fun of somebody, The Carpenter had to play Mary Sanders by himself due to having an allergic reaction to lasagna?  Holy noodles, Batman!

The fire drill was a ton of fun, once we figured out how to do it.  Plenty of practice with only 5 pax, and the mumblechatter really got flowing.  The rest of the workout was trying to avoid any more Mary, which we did plenty of during Mary Sanders.  I’m very proud of that name, btw.

Announcement:  Get on the phone and the email to get those pax members back out!

Apology of the week goes out to Spit.  I know you are at work waiting on the backblast to get posted, and MARV beat me to the punch.  I’m sorry, but I went back to bed when I got home and slept until after nine, then I had to make more coffee.  Because I’m off work.

Lab Rat apologizes…



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  1. Solid beat down, Lab Rat! MARY Sanders was a ton of fun. I’m sorry for the GAS bombs but last night’s lasagna came back to haunt me and every person within a 5 mile radius this morning. I was impressed by the movement of the PAX up the road in order to avoid breathing in the Jersey-like fumes.

  2. Great Q today Lab Rat. You kept use moving and things fun at the same time. I think we will have to start asking Carpenter before hand what he had for dinner the night before.

    Posting then going back to bed??? Neither heard of such a thing.

  3. Nice Q today Lab Rat. You kept us moving the entire time which was really needed this morning. Great job today PAX!

  4. Great job this morning gentlemen! It really was only cold when we finished. Otherwise it was perfect weather for a workout.
    Labrat, you aren’t a half bad singer! Keep it up.
    Carpenter, I could not breathe during the Mary Sanders. Thanks.

    See you all in the gloom.

  5. Opus, that’s the nicest thing anybody has ever said about my singing! INCLUDING my mom….

    Way to rock it, guys!