Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You know it is cold when


When you have 4 more PAX than degrees in the gloom you are in for a good start to 2018.  16 PAX (including 1 FNG) braved the cold to start out the New Year at Hoedown.  It went down like this:

COP – Invisible Jump Rope, SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Helicopter.  Head to back field for:

Beast – Merkins, Jump Squats, Heels2Heaven, CDDs, WWII, & Burpees (YES THERE WERE 6 ROUNDS)

Partner up for Pullups – 3 Sets of 10.  Then Partner up (?) for Triple Check – Jerkins while 3rd man runs around Bus Loop.  Head over to bottom of school front.  Bear Crawl up hill, 15 Merkins, Crab Walk back down then 40 Copperhead Squats.  Repeato.

Back to COP area for Mary:  Box Cutter, Windshield Wipers, Alabama Prom Dates, LBCs.  Mosey back to Flag.  Finish with 12 Burpees and Flatline took us out.

NMS – YHC was unsure how many would post but was excited to see a half-dozen cars already at the AO when he arrived.  Splinter was there sans car, having chosen to run a mile from his house to the AO, Aye!  Welcome to FNG Ginger, posting in 12 degree weather means either the 2 PAX who EH’ed you really care for you or they don’t like you very much.  Also great to see Clavin back at it in the Gloom!

When we arrived at the back field many PAX saw a football and wondered if YHC had placed it there.  Alas playing football on frozen ground is too stupid even for YHC.  There was confusion on the last round of the Beast as many PAX seemed to be wanting more rounds.  During the Beast there was discussion on Upchuck’s supposed completion of the Corporate challenge last week to close out 2017 but until the Gridiron BB is posted his feat will remain unofficial.

We had to cut the Triple Check short with the Jerkins as that was too much arm work.  Offshore and Jenny Craig were dressed identically in grey pants and Blue Jackets along with facemasks making it impossible to distinguish between the two.  Speaking of pants only 4 bare knees were showing, well done Kubota.  Spit apparently double dipped having shown at River Run by himself this morning.  Respect!  All RVA regions were represented, with Clavin being the lone RP member to post.  Coffeteria was at Starbucks where Mr Holland treated everyone attendance, thanks brother.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Well done on the Q and being the other pair of bare knees, Honey Do! Great morning to start off the new year. I’m glad it was 12 degrees instead of 70 as far as burpees are concerned.

  2. And 16 of us can enjoy the rest of the day knowing you are ahead of Swirly so far for 2018 Big Data.

  3. Great Q Honey Do! First trip to Hoedown didn’t disappoint. Glad to have Lab Rat out there repeating DaVille as well. Thanks Mr Holland for the coffee!

  4. Thanks for the great New Year’s Day Q Honey Do! It’s great to be back. Thank you for the coffee Mr. Roper. Welcome Ginger! See you in the gloom!

  5. Kubota, we need to start a Go Fund Me campaign to get you some wool socks. If it’s shorts, no hat, and cotton socks in the winter, what do you plan to wear in the summer?

  6. Except Offshore and Jenny Craig as they didn’t make the PAX list. It’s a shame as this was likely their only chance.

    Nice Q Honeydo. I especially enjoyed the transition from pull ups to jerkins to bear crawls.

  7. Good Q, HoneyDo! Glad to be back in the gloom after a few days off. Being sore just feels right! Happy New Year, brothers.

  8. Robert Skipper on

    Thanks for a warm reception on a very cold morning. I look forward to seeing you guys again!

  9. Or snot freezes to your beard! Great Q Honeydo! Super job gents and no better way to start the year. Starbucks not the same as ET’s but 2nd F is always super! Kubota, respect!

  10. It looks like it’s going to be anywhere from 6 to 8 degrees at Dogpile this Saturday. I think I will prepare a little better for that one!

  11. Sorry to miss this one. Looks like a solid beatdown. Happy New Year fellas. Let’s make it a great one!

  12. Great Q HoneyDo. Welcome FNG Ginger! Great to see you out there.

    Thanks again for the coffee Mr. Holland.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  13. I appreciate the thanks for the coffee, but the drinks were on Mr. Holland, so that is where the thanks are truly due.