Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Round and Round


7 gents dusted off the lure of The Fartsack, including one LIFO, to celebrate UpChuck’s completion of the Corporate Challenge.

No idea…YHC wasn’t there.  (Footnote: No Idea also was not there.)

Mosey to the Track for Intervals
5 burpees + 1 lap = 1 interval
Complete 10 intervals

Mosey to the Loading Dock for 2-Man Triple Check
One man performs some form of ab exercise
Second man bear crawls to asphalt/concrete line, runs to steps, bunny hops the steps, and descends via the ramp.

Mosey back to VSF for some Mary

Number-rama, Name-a-rama, UpChuck took us out


This was YHC’s first non-Convergence Gridiron, so it was nice to catch up with some new faces (Earthworm, ByProduct) as well as re-connect with some more familiar faces (Attila, Chum, White Deer, Johnsonville).  YHC confesses that the mere appearance of or mention of the name “White Deer” triggers the following screaming voice in YHC’s head. “You, you in the red shorts!”  Ah, a gift that keeps on giving.  Good times.

This also marked the conclusion of YHC’s Corporate Challenge.  Earthworm marked the occasion by noting that few folks make the Saturday Double-Dip a part of their week.  That’s unfortunate.  YHC recommends folks put this double-dip on their “New Year’s Resolution” list for 2018.  Good PAX at Gridiron, and Einstein’s was a lot of fun.


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