Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A couple of Paul’s and a LIFO John


3 regulars emerged from the fartsack on the last day of 2017 for a morning beatdown….weather was 70 and sunny.

Northbank to southbank back to the flag


Small crowd on a beautiful morning to close out the year.  Temperature gauge on my car read 21 at the start of the run, but we it felt perfect outside.  Run outbound with wind at our backs was nice. (Saab caught offshore and I about 2 miles in)  Things started to turn around when we crossed the bridge to the southside.  The wind started to pick up a bit and made things a little bit chilly.  When we hit the last bridge (nickel bridge), it was downright brutal.  Wind was howling across the bridge and my face froze within 30 seconds.  I tried stopping once to see if i could get my face to the downside of the wind, but to no avail.  Best approach was to run your ass off and get the hell out of the cold as quickly as possible.

Great 2nd F at ET’s afterwards.

Happy New year to all.



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  1. Definitely re-thought my decision to double-back across the bridge…it was brutal.

    Thanks for the 2nd F. Welcome back to the run TYA….