Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2017 Year in Review


20 came out to Dogpile to reflect on the year that was 2017 in F3RVA.  Some memories turned out to be fonder than others.

COP in Amphitheater – Started 2017 there at our Frozen Triangle CSAUP.  SSH, Merkins, Helicopters, Invisible Jumprope.  Then up stairs we went 5 Dips per step.

March – Belmonte 25k/50k.  Partner up for PLTs.  25 then 50. Head downhill to the bottom near water plant.

April – Ragnar & Colonial 70.   Ragnar had 8 man team with 15 miles each so 8 Curb Crawls with 15 Merkins each stop.

May – Launch of F3 Charlottesville.  Cville is 70 miles away so 7 rounds of WWII Situps run up & down hill in between sets.

June – Launch of F3RVA.org & BIG DATA.  Dogpile averages most per week at 23 so 23 Burpees. Mosey to Jacobs Bowl

August – SOJ Takeover    100 Monkey Humpers.  Then head to Rusty Cage

September – BRR – F3 RVA had 2 11 man teams.  11s of Dips (real dips on bars) and American Hammers.  Back to COP Cirlce.

October – 3 Year Convergence   44 Merkins

November –  Devil Dog 100k.  64 Flutterkicks

December –  F3 RVA closes out 2017 with 22 AOs.  22 WWII Situps.  Back to the flag and finish up with Heels2Heaven.

NMS –  YHC has been slacking on his themes in 2017 and wanted to close out the year on a higher note.  Looking back on the year was a good way to close out Dogpile for the year.  Good to have Guinness and Sir Topham Hat out at Dogpile for our year in review.  F3RVA has definitely had quite a year, as one can clearly see in Big Data.  The PAX had fond memories of the Frozen Triangle and Belmonte as we ran through the first few months.  That went out the window when we hit April – Ragnar and took on the Curb Crawls.  15 Merkins each Curb is ambitious but the PAX took it on.

Most PAX opted (smartly) for head above feet on the WWII Situps on the hill.  The 23 Burpees on the top had some groans, but compared to Shakedown’s VQ earlier this week it was nothing.  Mumblechatter abounded as the PAX took on Dips on the bars for what seemed like the first time in over a year.  Apparently Jerkins were all the rage in 2017.

Sad to see only 6 bare knees in the Gloom, SOP challenge is definitely taking casualties.  Flipper sets a new record of LIFO by finding the PAX conveniently just after we finished up the Curb Crawls.

Happy New Year PAX.  See everyone at 7:00 at Hoedown on Monday morning.


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  1. Great Q to end 2017, Honey Do! I am glad I was introduced to F3 this year, for it has definitely helped with many things in my life! Great 2nd F at ET’s afterward. Thanks for pushing me this year, PAX! Happy New Year to all!

  2. Well, 2017 could not end soon enough….curb crawls were no joke. (I still think we should have had Flip stay after for some makeup work.)

    Seems like the start of an annual tradition…A year-in-review with HoneyDo has a ring to it.

  3. Hi Wilson, judging from what I heard about your twitter-feed yesterday, are you really that sorry?…just askin’

  4. Nice Q Honeydo. Happy New year gents!

    At 2d F we were talking about rugby Let’sre out a rugby Q. Frankly mIghr just be swirlyball with rugby rules. Probably need to do some early morning pregame too.

    Add me to big Data plz? I think in the only one missing of the 20.

  5. Fixed, rushed this BB this morning had to run out to another Xmas celebration. I know not to F with Big Data.
    We need to pick a date in the Spring for Rugby 7s at Mumford.