Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Da’Ville invades the Circus


6 of the stout and hearty gathered to brave the brisk morning and throw around some iron.




Arm circles – big and small, forward and back

First Thing (this needs a name)

Timer set for 20 Minutes

Hold the bell at arms length for as long as you can

when it is put down/dropped

Run one lap around the bus loop

10 Merkin Rows

10 Situp presses

10 Lawnmowers each arm

Clean and press each arm was added 10 minutes in

Pick bell back up and hold it again

increase count 5 for each time it is dropped

Triple check

1st partner Jackass Merkins

2nd Partner Halos

3rd Partner Waiter Carry lenfgth of the pavilion and back


Figure 8s x 5 each way

burpees x 5

Boat/Canoe x 5

Sling Shot x 5 each direction

American hammers with KB x 5 IC

Single arm curls x 5 each arm



Johnsonville took us out


It has been awhile since YHC had visited the Circus, so when Phonics asked if anyone wanted to go it seemed like a good time to revisit. When he saw that the Q was still open it seemed wrong not to take it. No Idea was hard sell, but once the promise of how much crap YHC would have to listen to when he got there he was in. YHC had not even fully left the truck before it started and it did not stop until he got back in it. I missed you guys too.

Nothing makes YHC happier than when his planned beat down cuts the mumble chatter right off, it makes him feel like he is doing his job and some of this crew can talk through a lot.

Something happened with a dog that sounded like a woman, best not to dwell on that to much.

I am sure that I left something out

Thanks for letting me lead






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  1. Nice Q Mudface. 40 pound kettlebell two days in a row for you, right? Let’s chip in and get Phonics some long pants.