Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

14 for 14


14 seasoned gloom warriors braved the frigid temperatures to witness YHCs VQ on the frozen tundras of 45MOM.

After some appropriate theme music the Pax ran the long block into the biting 14 degree wind around the AO to the COP. Wilson pointed out that there was a more direct route but any run is too much run for that guy.

COP – 20 SSH, Don Quixotes, Arm Circles big and small forward and back, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, and LBCs

Mosey to the field for 14 minutes of Burpee 21 (groans all around). YHC had earlier polled some of the Pax as to their preference for burpees on tennis courts vs grass. Grass won though it was as hard as the courts (thanks Saab) and it turns out most of those polled didn’t show up – go figure ?. It went like this: Timer set for 1minute intervals, number of burpees assigned must be completed in that minute. If not achieved you skip the next minute to recover. 3, 6, 12, 15, 18, 21, 18, 15, 12, 8, 6, 3. Nobody did the 21 but of the 147 possible most of the Pax got 126 or so.

Mosey to the tennis courts for a triple check. This one was introduced to me my first week in F3 back in May. Planks, Plerkins (decline Merkin with feet on the back of the planking Pax) running.

Four corners – 20 WW2s, 10 Lt Dans, 20 2 count American Hammers, 10 Monkey Humpers.

Back to the flag. I had planned some Mary or a Boo-ya Merkin ROF but we ran out of time.

COT – YHC took us out.

Announcments – First day 5k at 11:00 on the 1st. Talk to Rosie. Tuesday at Hoedown is gonna be 8 degrees. Too cold for 2.0s

NMS – light mumble chatter and more teeth chattering. I was so pumped on adrenaline that I didn’t catch much. Burpees suck, but everyone knows that.

2017 has been the best year of my life for many reasons. F3 is not the least of those reasons. Thank you guys. Seriously. It shouldn’t have taken so long for me to Q but expect more in the future.



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  1. Great VQ, Shakedown! That headwind after the first turn was brutal! Enjoyed the four legged visitor we had during COP. I wanted to curl up with him to get warm. Good work guys!

  2. Great VQ, Shakedown! Glad you’ve become an F3RVA regular this year. Hats off to you, sir.
    You know it’s cold when Shakedown, Sugar Sock & I were slurring our speech after the COT.
    SOJ properly represented a fellow SOJer’s VQ today…8 of 13…and yes, we’ll claim Swirly.

  3. Nice job Shakedown. Looks like an absolute smoker of a VQ! I am so bummed I missed it – caught the plague that has been working through my family since 12/22….not sad to have stayed warm though. Can’t wait for the next Shakedown Q.

  4. Strong VQ Shakedown. With the wind that has to be the coldest post I’ve been to. Your Burpee 21 sucked!

  5. Perfect Q for a frigid morning Shakedown…in my mind it was Sunny and Seventy.

    Happy I can be credited for making the MM field resemble a concrete surface…nice to be known for something.

  6. Nice VQ, Shakedown. All FOURTEEN of us.

    I was with you through 15 on the burpees going up and caught back up at 18 on the way back down. With the sunny and seven temps, the burpees were the only thing keeping me from freezing.

  7. Thanks guys. It did suck, nobody wants to do that many cold ass burpees.

    Fee better Gumbo!

    I should mention that we think Swirly got one more burpee than the next closest guys. He got confused when nobody was doing the round of 21.

  8. Shakedown – you killed your VQ! Well done. Yeah that run sucked, but I was actually at my warmest until the head wind. Thankful for layers! Looking forward to many more of your Q’s!

  9. Nice Q Shakedown and yes COP gets easier as you Q more often! Nice pleasant headwind to start and Swirly would have finished 21 Burpees but….
    SOJ REPRESENTS BABY!!! Nice to see all you gents this morning! Much respect and even more for you SOP! 20 degrees is my cut off!
    Loud and Proud-Flatline