Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Captain Old vs. Captain Glory


Six of RVA’s finest veterans posted at SOT. The weather was clear and chilly. When YHC walked away from the car with shovel flag in hand, Rosie invited YHC to plant that flag in the ground. That request could not be granted since it was a morning to raise and honor Old Glory.

Per the usual, we ran 2 laps around the school as a group with Old Glory. Then, we proceeded with the individual time trials consisting of as many laps counterclockwise around the school in 24 minutes as possible, stopping (i) under the tree at the corner of the school for 20 merkins, (ii) in front of the side entrance for 20 jump squats, (iii) in front of the main entrance around back for 10 burpees, and (iv) just past the rear dumpster near the basketball courts for 20 WWII situps.

Rosie and Phonics led the PAX. YHC followed, ending maybe 3/4 of a lap behind them at the end. If there was a “Captain Old” at SOT this morning, then it was surely YHC, who found himself doubled over hacking after several laps (and a recent bout with strep). If there was a “Captain Glory” it was Phonics, who pulled ahead of Rosie somewhere on lap 5 of Old Glory. I am not sure how the remainder of the PAX finished, but YHC did not lap anyone.

We concluded with another 2 laps around the school as a group with Old Glory. For future reference, the SOT laps clocked in at only 0.39 mi. Thus, in the future, they should be extended to include the bus loop.

COT with Marmaduke taking us out.

Rosie announced that a CSAUP for later winter or early-spring is in the works and should be announced within a week or so. We look forward.

Thank you for permitting me to lead this morning. Happy New Years!



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  1. Thank you Upchuck. Old Glory was a great call this morning JVille! I had nothing left at the end which showed when I tried to get out of my truck after the 30 minute ride home. Thank you Rosie for pacing me this morning.

  2. Phonics, you are one humble guy. You and Rosie rocked it. Glad to have you down south this AM! Happy Birthday. Great job everyone!

  3. Great job bringing back Old Glory Jville, that always smokes me. Happy Birthday Phonics, thanks for letting me keep you in sight on the last lap.