Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Patient, first


A PAX seven strong posted on a windy, unseasonably warm Saturday morning for Gridiron.  The message stream pre- and post-workout is strong among the Gridiron regulars.  Leading into Saturday morning, though, several regulars anticipated absence due to illness – except Attila who posted anyway.

Cecil led a pre-game, 3rd F conversation about love.  Cecil, Dark Horse, Attila, and Byproduct were seated at the picnic pavilion with YHC arrived.  There was another car in the parking lot from which, shortly after YHC arrived, Lip Sync and JJ (FNG) hopped out and joined the group.  We circled up in the parking lot and began with SSHs x 25, Don Quixotes x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Russian Soldiers x 15, Arm Circles – big only – 15 forward and 15 reverse, and Monkey Humpers x 15.

Mosey to the lower football field for the 13 Acres Baker’s Dozen.  YHC has called this a couple of times at The Punisher.  The AO for The Punisher is located on the former 13 Acres site.  This sequence involves 13 rounds of 13 exercises.  Within each round, we’d complete 13 reps of one exercise and 7 reps of the others.  The line up included, in order, Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Wide-Grip Merkins, Front Lunges, Hello Dollys, Diamond Merkins, Back Lunges, Flutter Kicks, Carolina Dry Docks, Jump Squats, Box Cutters, and Invisible Jump Ropes.  For the most part, the full hour allowed completion according to script but for making the lunges single count in the last few rounds and combining the 12th and 13th rounds due to time running out.  Jog back to the parking lot for COT and Attila took us out.

Nice work fellas.  It was a pleasure.  Nice job working through the crud, Attila.  Hope our other brothers are recovering.

Lip Sync was in Richmond from F3 Raleigh.  FNG JJ (Jimmy) lives in Richmond and was headlocked by Lip Sync.  Welcome to Gridiron guys.


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