Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fudd run resurrection


7 fleet footed veterans embraced the gloom to post at Spider Run and burn off some of the Christmas calories.  No one had signed up to Q as of 5:25 so YHC offered to lead the PAX on the “Fudd Run”.  No one had any better suggestions, so off we went at 5:30.

Mosey around the lake to the south side, up the steep path to the amphitheater, then run around in the woods for a while pretending we were lost, then run down to College, and take a left on Lakewood for the Westham tour portion of the Fudd run that took us past Marv’s house, then past Upchuck’s house (we circled back to pick up the six several times), and on to Horsepen where Lugnut and Bleeder peeled off to head back to the lake at U of R.  The rest of the PAX continued on to Ridgetop to experience the suck of the hill on Chandler, then the hill on Gardner, then back to UR before tackling the hill on Roselawn before looping around by the Westhampton course at CCV on our way back to the VSF.

Numberama, Namerama, and YHC took us out.


Saab has always been a fan of the Fudd run, and has professed to having the feeling on the route of  “always running up hill”.  YHC agrees and as I rarely get to attend, much less Q, Spider Run these days, YHC was looking forward to hopefully bringing this route back for its second debut (the first was well over a year ago………#BigData can you tell us exactly when?)  There’s nothing like running hills to get the blood pumping and the calories burning, and it’s never too early to start training for next year’s BRR, right #Lockjaw?

Bleeder remarked several times that he would like to know what the actual route is for the “Fudd run”.  The answer is somewhat ethereal as it is based on each PAX’s memory and/or perception.  YHC admits to giving initial directions somewhat “on the fly” as we traversed the dark paths and woods of U of R.  Once we got to College I was good to go.  Total mileage from YHC’s Garmin was 6.6, which makes sense as we arrived back to the SF about 5 min late.

Saab admitted to not loving Star Wars but also to being a fan of Dave Chappelle.  Like minded individuals can join Saab in watching an upcoming Chappelle special on Netflix.  See Saab for details.

Bleeder admitted to the PAX that he almost had to take a detour into the woods during the downhill portion of his return to the lake.  Moments before his cramps dictated this course of action, he magically found an open door to the Robins Center and was able to navigate the dark hallways to find a bathroom in the nick of time.  YHC could not help but wonder……why does he never experience this kind of luck??  Whenever similar pains strike the midsection of Fudd, he is mathematically at the farthest possible distance from an available toilet.  Maybe it’s a Murphy’s Law, like dropping a tool and it rolls under a car to the exact center.

Regardless of the possibility of forces beyond our perception possibly influencing our paths today, YHC thoroughly enjoyed his return to Spider Run.  Thanks fellas for allowing me to lead and for pushing me…..not only up those hills, but also to be a better man today than I was yesterday.

To all of the PAX that I won’t see prior to next Monday, I wish you all a Happy New Year!!



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  1. Fudd, that run had to have the most amount of explaintion that I’ve ever heard; and I’m still not certain which way we went, but quite happy to have stumbled across the Robins Center parking lot a The Fudd prescribed time, for that; I’ve got to say “thank you!”

  2. Best route instructions ever…very impressive. Even Fudd didn’t have to ask any questions (aside from…”do you know where you are going?”)