Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf preiset die Tage!


Three brave souls overcame lack of sleep, holiday sluggishness, and a biting wind to get in the Christmas Spirit. What happened was as follows:

Mosey through the neighborhood, to ensure that the children were, indeed, all nestled safe in their beds.

COP: SSH, Don Q, arm circles, LBC, merkins.

The Elves

Elves spend their days toiling away in the workshop (American Hammers) until, exhausted, they lie down…only to rise back up again (WWIIs). After 3 rounds of increasing number (10, 15, 25), it was time to load the sleigh. One man planks beside a bench, another holds his feet while he lifts himself onto the bench. 10 Derkins, rotate, repeat x3.


Santa travels the Four Corners of the world – and back again – in a single night, and so did we. 20 in each location: merkins, squats, box cutters, burpies. repeat each corner on the way back to the start.


Mosey to the church across the street for an 11 Service entitled “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” 10 mountain climbers/1 copperhead squat; karaoke across parking lot; 2/9, etc. At the “Amen,” mosey back to the school for a quick Rosie Ring of Fire. YHC’s gift to the others was one minute each of free time at the end.


Today already being pretty themed on its own, YHC found it tough to break the mold, but it got us into the Christmas Spirit nonetheless. This fall/winter season has been a huge lifestyle shift for me, coming out of several years of more or less abject sloth and inactivity, and I have you fine gentlemen to thank for that. As we gather with friends and family over the next few days, I’ll raise a glass and do a merkin for my community in the gloom. Cheers, all.


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  1. Nice Q, Mr. Holland. Perfect start to the Christmas Day and the joy it brings.

    Noted for a future Mr. H. Q is the possibility of four-man partner carries.