Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OFF the Books is ON the trails


9 humans and one K-9 (see what I did?) showed up for a gloomy dawn run.  Decision was made to give the trails a go despite some evening showers.  Luckily, the trails were in great shape and ready to receive guests.

Route: North Bank to new bridge, Buttermilk to Nickle Bridge and home.


Great to have all the Southlanders visit this morning.  Longhorn came out to join us as well, turns out she has run every day of 2017, at least a mile a day.  Very impressive, judging by the struggles of the pax (myself included) to make it thru a single month of the run-a-mile challenge.  Much respect.

Offshore brought Sally back out, breaking her in nice and slow as a trail dog.  They ran with us for a mile or so before we lost them, but they were still out when the rest of us had finished.  Hopefully, they were out enjoying a great morning to just be out in the woods.

Saab was on a tear this morning, and circled back enough surely to add over a mile to the standard 7 that made up the loop.  Rosie, Shakedown, Upchuck, Honeymoon, and HoneyDo made up the middle pack.  Since TYA didnt make it out this morning, I graciously took his place as the designated six.  That, and not wanting to pass out from still being gassed from a No Tools led bike ride yesterday.

All in all, a very quiet and peaceful morning on the trails, and pretty uneventful except for Shakedown demonstrating how you can remove a stump with head butts.  Let’s just say I believe you, but I’m not going to try it.


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  1. Haha, thanks guys. The head is fine and after some ice and stretching the foot is on the mend. Great, as always to start the day on the trails and with a cup of coffee with good friends. Merry Christmas guys. See y’all Tuesday to work off some more indulgent eating. I hope Santa is good to everyone.

  2. Although I did not intend to come across as unsociable, the PAX was never far behind…I was impressed and pleased how everyone pretty much stayed together.

    Perfect temperature and conditions. Great start to the Christmas holiday.