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Always 70 and Sunny

Merry Christmas – The Hard Way


38 redwoods decided to start Christmas weekend in the best fashion.  This is what we accomplished before most people had even started their day:

Begin in Plank position.  46 merkins for YHC’s M’s (Mrs. Kay) 46 BDAY.  I also hear that it is Gumbo’s M’s BDAY.  Happy Birthday Mrs. Gumbo.

Run 1 mile.

The Hard Way-Combination of Old Glory, Beast and Lucky Horseshoe.

Round 1- Run length of Carillon field stopping at 25, 50 and 75 yd line.  Perform 6 merkins at each stop.  Complete length of field and stop at same spots to perform the same exercises.

Round 2- Repeato with Merkins and Squats.

Round 3 – Repeato with Merkins, Squats and Carolina Dry Docks

Round 4 – Repeato with Merkins, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks and Lunges.

Round 5 – Repeato with Merkins, Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Lunges and WWII situps.

Round 6 – Repeato with Merkins, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Lunges, WWii situps, and Burpees.

Run 1 mile.

Numberama, Namearama, we closed with a Christmas Carol.

Announcements – Merry Christmas

NMS : YHC got the word earlier in the week that Wilson wanted something special for his out of town guests.  Mission Accomplished.  The Hard Way is a workout that YHC devised to honor F3RVA for the respect everyone paid to him the day after his death this past summer.  This workout is a serious beatdown that requires the entire PAX to push one another to completion.  It was great to start Christmas weekend with 37 other F3 brothers and the mumble chatter was on full display.  DK had the one liners at the ready, LabRat was his usual Chatty Cathy and Rosie knew the Burpees are the only way the finish The Hard Way.


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead gentlemen. I forgot to record the COT so I am missing a couple of names. I want to make sure everybody get Big Data credit. please respond with anybody I missed. Not a bad memory for remembering 34 names.

    Merry Christmas to F3 RVA.

  2. Ridiculously incredible Q, Circle K! Still feeling it this evening! Great turnout this morning and ET fellowship afterward was just as nice. Merry Christmas everyone! Glad to be a part of this!

  3. Well crap. Over the last two years I have only had a few extended periods away from RVA. Both times were for this workout.Well done circle K! This is one for the ages.

  4. Who is Honery Do? Sounds like a cool guy…
    Great beatdown. Always good to post for a beatdown and end up at a Convergence with 38.

  5. Great Q Circle K.

    Happy belated birthday Honey Do.

    Welcome Jelly and Deer Hunter. You guys did a great job on the hard way.

    I resolve to better check the backblast area during burpees. Cobains to Flashdance for nearly surprising him with a New Balance facial.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. Hell of a way to start the day. Thanks Circle K. Well done men. Merry Christmas to everyone I won’t see tomorrow. Hopefully some of y’all will come out for some Sunday Funday trail running. ?? ?? ?

  7. Great idea to pull this one out again Circle K. Don’t worry Hardywood, this will come back again, it’s too tough not to bring it back.
    Another note, if anyone is interested, there is a First Day 5k on Jan 1 at 11am at ACAC in Midlothian. Cliffhanger and I are in, anyone else is welcome with drinks at my place afterward.

  8. Great Q and well done Circle K! Beer is cold here too, was just telling my wife how special it was being there this morning (all the way around)…Merry Christmas guys!

  9. Circle K – many thanks. The fellas napped for a good portion of the remaining morning! I’ve never done the hard way. Whew. That is tough. Thanks for leading today!

  10. Great Q Circle K and Happy Birthday Mrs Kay! Glad I decided to get up and drag The Carpenter out as well.

    Merry Christmas fellas!

  11. Great Q, glad I could entertain with my chatter, it’s the only way to enjoy the pain. Sorry/not Sorry to have to leave early….I really had no interest in doing all that again with burpees, but really missed out on the naming. ET’s must have been a zoo yesterday! Props to whomever came up with “Jelly of the Month” for a name…funny AND festive!