Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory…the Easy Way


18 pax showed this morning for a crisp start to the shortest day of the year.  Looking back, Winter Solstice would have been a good theme for a workout, but Lab Rat generally leaves the themes to people better at it than himself.  Instead, we dusted off Old Glory…of some form or fashion.  Here is what we did:

1 mile run

20 minutes of Old Glory:

  • corner 1: 20 merkins
  • corner 2: 20 squats
  • corner 3: 20 burpees….wait this is Richmond Proper, make that 10 burpees
  • corner 4: 20 ww2 situps

1 mile run

Mary- American hammers, crab cakes, Alabama prom dates, Freddy Mercury

Ring of Fire, Rosie Style


In preparation for my first time actually Q’ing an Old Glory, I did my homework.  I searched first in the Exicon, and to my surprise it was not there.  I did not search “The Old Glory”, “Ye Old Glory”, nor did I search “Glory Hole” (thanks, Saab).  I was taken aback not seeing this in the exicon, but no big deal, I looked under back blasts and found 2 versions:  one that called for 10 pullups from Charlotte and the other calling for 20 burpees from DaVille.  Imagine my surprise when the dissension commenced about doing too many burpees?  The claim was 10 was traditional….ok, fine….audible to 10.  I guess Fudd didn’t get the audible and was passed a few times while continuing on with the original number.  I don’t think that this going to count as an official Old Glory for the spreadsheet anyways, since there was some discrepancy of the size of the soccer courts, or tennis fields we were on.  Consider it a warm up for the next time.

As seems to be tradition for a Lab Rat Q, much ball busting was to be had at my expense.  Even MARV jumped in this time, besting the usual suspects by his pointing out that I had truly screwed the pooch on the proper sports terminologies.  Well played, sir.  I told BT that’s how you know you have made it in F3, when MARV is willing to publicly humiliate you.

Last but not least, our very own TYA has  once again podiumed, winning 3rd place in his most recent race for the 50-59 women’s division!  We are all so….um….disturbed that you keep doing that.

Apology of the Week goes out to Spit for me caving in to the peer pressure and not making the downtown clan do the proper 20 burpees, as is the DaVille way.  (It was his BB that I referenced).  Maybe Old Glory should be standardized in print somewhere?!?

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Much respect to Hardywood and Shakedown for sticking to the original plan and going with 20 on everything 5+ times pushing me to stay with them each step – stay the course baby – well done dudes way to push.
    Enjoyed the version of ring of fire at the end – strong work pax. As Gomer Pyle instructed – eyes front men eyes front !
    3rd place in womens devil dog 100K – freaken beautiful – thanks for sharing that with the pax TYA – boy I wonder who sent that to you??
    Safe travels Hardywood .
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. No such thing as an Easy Old Glory. We always do 10 Burpees at NoToll, for what its worth.

    Well done fellas.

  3. Yessir! Good work guys. It takes some effort to keep up with you and Hardywood. Sorry I won’t make lunch today (in the field) cause I feel like I earned it.

    Great Q Labrat. Congrats to Paula “TYA” Salvucci ?

  4. Yeah baby! Well done Lab Rat. Thanks for the great instructions on the soccer rinks. Big ups to Shakedown and Swirly. It’s part of the genius of F3. There is little chance I do the extra amount on my own. Thanks for the push fellas. Post like crazy in RVA and be the worlds best sidekick.

  5. You guys are animals, great work. Thanks for the Q Lab Rat.

    Eyes front! En-GAAAGGGE your core!