Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The 3rd 500


20 strong (including 1 FNG) posted to an unusually warm last day of fall.  55 degrees and clear made several PAX throw off their long sleeve shirts and off we went for:

COP – 40 SSH, 40 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Don Qs, & Arm Circles thrown in for Flashdance NOT being LIFO.

Head to Amphitheater:  5 Box Jumps up each step up to 8 Steps.  5 Derkins heading back down. Mosey over towards Rugby road.

3rd 500 –  Partner up for a total of 500 Flutterkicks.  1 partner runs up to circle, does 3 burpees then back and switches.   Then mosey off to Rusty Cage.    Stay with Partner – 40 Pullups and 40 Jerkins.  Head back to COP circle for:

40 Burpees

Finish up with some Mary: Box Cutters, LBCs, Alabama Prom Dates, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas.  Head back to the flag.

NMS – Great to see 20 out to play on YHCs End of Hate Q.  We even had a Gumbo sighting during the week north of the James.  Maybe we’ll see him again NOJ in 3 years when EF Hutton does his End of Hate Q.  TYA even posted.  Most of the PAX had an idea we’d be doing 40 of most of the exercises.  The 40 Box Jumps got the blood flowing.  YHC wanted to save 40 Burpees until the end.

During the 3rd 500 we had visitors join us briefly all with Offshore Lightup Laces.  They then proceeded to rip off the remainder of YHC’s Q by heading to the Rusty Cage after we left.  Not sure if they took on the 40 Burpees like we did.

Good to have Wojo back in the Gloom.  He refused any help during the Pullups and insisted on good form.  He may be quiet but YHC is pretty sure there is a Form Nazi just waiting to breakout, just do lunges around him.

Welcome Pick2.  He “overheard” some people at Panera yesterday talking about F3.  YHC assumes that person was Lab Rat.  As another fellow PAX member who just posted without anyone bringing them YHC knows that is not easy.  Hope to see you back in the Gloom soon.  Also it is great to see Bootleg staying behind and watching for the 6 when not long ago you were in that position.  A testament to the work you’ve been putting in, Aye!

Bodos continues to post regularly now and is quietly angling for a new name.  Maybe we can recycle Blue Balls…

Announcements – HDHH today at The Answer.  New Years day at Hoedown is at 7:00, bring a FNG.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Happy Birthday bro ! Solid Q..
    Closing prayer was dead on !
    See y’all in the gloom if not @ HDHH later today.

  2. Happy Birthday and end of hate, Honey Do! Great Q, also. Welcome Pick2! Great work everyone! See you in the gloom…

  3. Happy Birthday HD! So glad busted out the sack extra early and made the voyage NOJ for this one. You delivered a smoker as usual. The Rusty Cage duet left me gassed (thanks for lifting me through it Swirly), but the cherry of course was the 40 burpees. Damn if the PAX didn’t crank them out fast enough to let the silent assassin kill us with a barrage of Mary.

    I agree with Swirly, HD’s takeout words were spot on. Well said brother and much respect, even though you just finished with Hate!

    Welcome Pick2…keep posting brother and you will see the results – and not just physically.

  4. Happy birthday, Honeydo. Sorry to miss the happy hour tonight!
    In case you didn’t know, Wheelbarrow Q’d this morning at SOT on his 29th birthday.

  5. HBD Honey Do! This was a smoker. I could sense the 40 burpees going to be on display at some point. Well done. Way to close out the Q. Well said brotha.

  6. Was kind of expecting a Honeydo, This Is Your Life theme, but I suppose that’d be a little vain. Nevertheless, a smoker from the assassin as always. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Honey Do, good workout and even better close out prayer, very inspirational all around.

  8. Happy birthday, Honey Dooooo! Looks like a gasser for sure. HATE to have missed it. May need you to recite that prayer at HDHH tonight;)

  9. As much as I appreciate getting the nod in a bb I didn’t post to, I cannot claim to be anywhere near a Panera recently.

    Welcome just the same, Pick2! Awesome name.

    Happy birthday again to both Wheelbarrel and Honey Do. Even with the beard, Wheelbarrow got carded at HDHH tonight!

  10. Happy birthday HD! Blue Balls is taken just as is Kevin Bacon. Looks like it was a fun beat down.