Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Merkins and Climbers and Bears, Oh My!


9 intrepid and somewhat scared voyagers set off on a quest to find emerald city this morning.  YHC revealed that this workout was based on his favorite Christmas movie “The Wizard of Oz”.  YHC lied.  Actually it’s “Bridge on the River Kwai”.  Wizard is number 2.

Anyhoo, the adventure started like this:
Copperhead Squats
Side Straddle Squats or as Phonics was calling them “Jack Squats”
Seal Jacks
Little Baby Squats with Arm Circles
WW2 situps
Dying Cockroach
Plank Lifts
Table Tops

Mosey to side of Chick
1 minute of Mountain Climbers
Squerkin Ladder — partner exercise — 1 merkin, 1 squat, keep going until 10 of each, then let partners complete the other exercise

Ascending Testicles — 10 merkins at 15 degrees against the wall, 45 degrees and then full BTTW position

Triple Check — Mountain Donkeys, Rotating Merkins, Bear Crawl to the edge of sidewalk and back

Catch me if you can — One partner runs, other does broad jump burpees.  Modified to lunges and then backwards run

Native American Run to the Flag

Wow — what a workout if YHC does say so himself.
Todays feature film for no particular reason (don’t get mad if you don’t like your roles) starred Phonics as the Tin Man, Emoji as the Lion, Quaker as Scarecrow, Spit as Uncle henry, Carpenter as Auntie Em, Rounders as Glinda, Helix as Toto, Spike as the Wicked  Witch of the West, and Opus as the Wizard (who looks like he knows what he is doing, but is really flying by the seat of his pants most times)

Thanks for putting up with me and all my new things I throw out there.  Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

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  1. Don’t look behind the curtain! The Wizard delivered some magical li’ll baby squats and seal jacks! Excellent workout Opus. Oh My!

  2. Thanks for the smack down this morning at DaVille. You promised a “smoker” and you delivered. The Squerken Ladder was no joke. The seemingly random new exercises also tricked all kinds of muscle groups and kept us all honest. Thank you for the creativity and lack of mercy…

  3. Great workout, Opus. I wear the Toto label with pride. It was that tiny-but-mighty canine who threw back the curtain and saved the day. I did not, however, feel very heroic today, especially during the wall Merkins. Ugh!