Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bleeder, leave me alone


8 studs emerged from the fartsack on this fine December morning.

The Thang:

Up the hills to Three Chopt, right on 3 Chopt, left off Grove, right on Oak, six milers take a loop in Hillcrest, return to the lake.


No Big Blue in the parking lot this morning.  Weird to see, but good job laying off the knee for a day (I do know that you were at a bootcamp, but that is better than a full out run).  No Saab today either.  I kept looking across the lake to see when he would emerge, but alas, another regular not in the gloom this morning.

Sippy and Splinter ran together for the most part today.  The caught me coming down the hill back to the lack.  They got ahead and I was trying to keep them in striking distance, which I was semi successful at, when they took a right hand turn up a steep hill.  Since they were now in the lead, they decided to tackle on last hill to finish up their run.  Awesome job guys….just another benefit of running with others,

Bleeder is now completely in my head.  For the past month or so, he has been tracking me down on these Spider runs on a regular basis.  Going up the first hill, I was almost certain he was going to catch me, but he didn’t.  I saw him after the turnaround, and had a good lead, but still did not feel safe.  The whole way back, especially going down the last hill, I was completely paranoid that he was going to suddenly sneak up and pass me at the last minute.  I survived today, but appreciated the motivation that his months worth of work has given me.


HDHH and birthday bash tomorrow, I think. I know that HDHH is at The Answer brew pub.  Come one, come all, we can no longer Hate honeyed.



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  1. So I went from having a whole paragraph about me to no mention? Awww shucks! Me is my fav. subject.

    BTW, I do agree that I should not have done the second thing I told you about, and I also probably should not have told you about it. But then again, I have a very low filter.

    Great to run with Singer and Hutton today. Sorry about the crop dusting. I have a medical condition. It’s like Fudd’s, only mine is made it up.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done guys – missed y’all this morning but it was great to be back @ No Toll!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. TYA – I will never self-select that route. The 1.5 mile up hill at the beginning is not a favorite of mine. Not my first choice but always feel great after running it. Except when Sippy says: “Hey, let’s do Bostwick”. It was my fault. I suggested adding on another hill.

    Nice run this am gentlemen. It was a pleasure to watch 200 seals playing by the lake as we set off to start our day.