Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Laser Focused


A even dozen dusted off the Fart Sack on the first day of Christmas break…Trip Journal recorded something along these lines…


Mosey to front of school, attempt to run around to back of school, find locked gate, return to front of school…and start a proper COP.

SSHs (x45), DQ’s (x15), IMs (x20), Hillbillies (x20, including dance form), LBCs (x45), T-mercans (x20)

Mosey to Wall of Pain

Triple check…donkey kicks, LBCs, and run the horseshoe.

Mosey to Inclined Blacktop of Pain

Triple check…backwards run up hill to chain fence (repeat 3 times and feel the burn), bear crawl, reverse crunches…

Audible about halfway through…It’s YHC’s birthday, so forget this exercise stuff…time for laser tag…

Mosey to Front of School

Break into 2 teams of six for capture the flag.  Extensive instructions provided on operating the weapons.  10 ‘mercans for every re-load, 10 burpees to re-spawn.  The PAX went three rounds…

Mosey to the Shovel Flag


Number-rama, Name-a-rama, YHC took us out…


The Healing House is recruiting coaches for their 10k training team (Coach = person who can run a bit and offer a bit of leadership by example).  A simple job custom-made for the F3 Pax.  Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. after Dogpile starting in early February.  Join your F3 brothers to help some local folks on the path to rehabilitation as they train their bodies and minds for better things.  No better way to spread the F3 message than to pass it on.  See Honey Do or Up Chuck for more details.

Mr. Holland has the Christmas Q at Hoedown…finish wrapping presents by 2:30 a.m., dust off the last egg nog by 4:30, and make it an all-nighter by posting at 5:30…home before the kids finish unwrapping.


YHC turns 16,436 days old today.  In the spirit of self-gifting, YHC decided to find a captive audience to play laser tag.  YHC thanks the PAX for their indulgence.

Special thanks to my 27,024 day old father-in-law for the use of his toys.


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  1. Nice Q, Up Chuck! When you opened up the back of your car, I saw several bricks lined up and thought, oh no we are going to have to carry these around with us for the rest of the morning! Then I was relieved when you grabbed the laser guns! Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  2. Glad we didn’t get police called on us for playing in the front lawn with guns. Good times and happy birthday Upchuck.

  3. Happy birthday Upchuck. It was fun acting like a 9 year-old with my 9 year-old. I’m with Honey-Do about the police. The janitor took a double take as we ran past the cafeteria door armed to the teeth!

  4. It was really good EF Hutton wasn’t there in his bandana or else things would surely have taken a turn for the worse.