Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An F3RVA Personal Challenge Primer


OK fellow pax members, we are about to embark on our first full year with Big Data, so there are sure to be some new personal challenges kicked around.  Also, a few older challenges are starting to make a comeback as of late, some with questionable rulings on the symantics.  So I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to get a few of these down in writing.  Of course, this is written by Lab Rat, who is by no means the best candidate to be F3RVA scribe….but I don’t see anybody else doing it…so take it for what it is.  If you have objections to any of these challenges or Heaven forbid, you find them too difficult, might I direct you to Lally Construction complaints department.  Or the comments section below.  Anyways, on to the show:

Corporate Challenge:

OK, so this is the Original Gangster.  The Granddaddy.  To my knowledge, maybe 5 pax have completed this challenge….which is saying something.  We were going to make up a t-shirt for those that completed this, but we never got enough for the mandatory minimum shirt order.  This is challenge is awful in it’s simplicity:  Post every day for a week, double dipping on Saturday.  Double dipping is a pain on it’s own, posting to Dogpile, then hopping in the car and hightailing it up to Short Pump for the remainder of Gridiron.  About the time you get to Gridiron, you are tight from being in the car after Dogpile.  Of course, today’s standards are slightly watered down with all the new AO’s, so I challenge anybody that wants this feather added to his cap do the original AO’s:  Punisher, No Toll, Source of Truth, 45 MOMM, RAMM, Dogpile AND Gridiron, and Sunday Trails.   EZ Pass highly recommended.

The Nomad:

With the popup of so many different AO’s, this one became something of note.  Once again, simple enough:  post to all the AO’s.  As of this morning, there are 24 of them.  Upchuck and EF Hutton recently completed this in a year.  Can anybody do it in a quarter?  How about a month?  I would buy lunch to a person that knocks them all down in a month.  Speaking of lunch, Breaking Bread is also mandatory for recognition of this challenge.  Prius highly recommended.

Q a Week:

Take a week of Q’s.  TYA started this one with the original Corporate takeover, with Swirly and Bleeder filling in the overlaps.  This one is totally NOT endorsed by Lab Rat, but I feel that leaving it out would be a punk move.  Everybody that has done this so far ends up a miserable SOB by the end of the Q week, and on injured reserve the following week.  I’m looking at you, J’Ville.

50 Q’s in a Year:

Talk on the streets is that this one has a massive asterisk:  only half can be runs.  This might be an easy one, we may have to slide that number up a touch.  Time will tell.

200 Posts in a Year:

That’s four days a week, giving you two weeks off for vacation.  Again, this is a movable number.

Posts Champion of the Year:

Who is at the top of Big Data at the end of the year?  Go ahead and try, Swirly dares you.

So there you have it, folks.  If anything has ever been completely stupid and utterly pointless, these challenges would qualify.  And if you haven’t decided what to do yet for your 2018 New Year’s resolution, choose one or two of these and your worries are over.  Maybe one day we can get an F3RVA patch to hand out upon completion or something of that sort.  Until then, you get the satisfaction of knowing you did something difficult….or half crazy.  Take your pick.

See you in the Gloom,

Lab Rat




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  1. They call Q’ing a run QE2. Just like the fed it cheapens the value of Qs with Q-inflation…
    I’d say count 20 max.
    I’d suggest the Gastank Challenge- Like Corporate Challenge but all weekdays you post at AO outside your region.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Swirly loves a challenge – Let’s attack 2018 fella’s !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. The Nomad would be a good one to include on the monthly challenge doc. I believe the time to complete should be all of 2018. Having a year to complete would likely increase the number of participants. It would also allow people time to post at new AOs that will be created throughout the year.