Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shakedown Shuffle


3 Men, One Female, one Canine, and one Buck* met up for a chilly yet sunny and calm morning for a lap around one of RVA’s many outdoor gems. Here’s what transpired…


  • 10 mile:  South Side (Buttermilk), Forest Hill, New Bridge, return on North Bank
  • 7 mile:  South Side (Buttermilk), New Bridge, return on North Bank*
  • ? mile:  North Side to Tx Beach entrance and return.


  • Welcome again to Whistleblower who wanted to experience the trails.  As expected, the PAX were gentlemen and no whistles were blown.
  • Shakedown and Lola met up with Offshore and Sally on their return across North Bank and came back as a group.
  • Shakedown performed his classic shuffle a couple times thanks to the hidden roots and rocks but no one was injured in the performance.
  • *Thanks to Shakedown and Lola for adding an extra mile to their run by finishing and then doubling-back to scoop up YHC who was coming along North Bank
  • **Word has it, Shakedown and/or Lola were nearly impaled by what was described as a majestic buck.  We are fortunate to have access to such a terrific park system and wildlife.

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  1. Good fun – glad Lola came out to run even though we’re gonna need to get him a new alarm clock or something ?

    That buck was something- we could feel it as he ran by.

  2. Sorry to miss it, was looking forward to meeting Sally. Saturday got the better of me, I reckon.