Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shooting Stars


8 men for a morning full of shooting stars and a HOT potato WO.

Started with 5 burpees and ended with 5 burpees as we passed along the Q from Honeymoon – Marmaduke – Mr. Roper – Rosco

Hats off to Upchuck for completing the fill AO cycle for a full round of Richmond

Also great to see Phonics make the trip over!


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  1. Great morning fellas! Helluva accomplishment Upchuck, congrats brotha! Awesome that Upchuck and phonics made that drive!

  2. Great job circling the city Upchuck, not a small feat with your travel schedule. Glad Phonics cleared his Wednesday night schedule to leave to make the early morning SOJ AO.
    Looking forward to a full Roscoe Q, that was tough and with what may have been the most creative cadence I have heard.

  3. Not only does Roscoe have a sweet cadence, but he’s a gamer. There was an offer to split his remaining box cutters and he was having none of it…well done!

    Plus, you all definitely take the cake for AO with the most shooting stars. 5 to 10, easy.