Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

12 Days travels well


6 steady PAX posted to Heartbreak Ridge to enjoy the worst kept secret of the 12 Days of Christmas beatdown. Just because PAX knew it was coming did not stop it from sucking. 12 days on 12/12 has a nice ring to it.

COP- 12 of everything – SSH, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Merkins, Imperial Walkers.

Mosey to baseball field for THE THANG

1 Dozen LBCs, 2 Sprint of the field, 3 Diamond Merkins, 4 Imperial Squat Walkers, 5 Burpees, 6 Carolina Drydocks, 7 Lunges, 8 Plerkins, 9 American Hammers, 10 Flutterkicks, 11 Reverse Crunches, 12 Broad Jump Burpees.

NMS- YHC thinks only Loose Goose and YHC had actually experienced this beating from Rosie in years past at NoToll. Why not try to import this beatdown to the West End. We ran 2 min long to complete the full 12 days ladder. All the Pax were glad YHC had obtained proper corporate approval from Rosie.

The 12 Days took a while as our field is longer to run. Derkins were changed out for Plerkins as we had a lack of benches. Note to Pax when doing Plerkins find Ronnie.

Lots of Mumblechatter about counting during various segments. Loose Goose had an opinion about every count somehow. Guess Steelers fans are going to be a little mouthy this week, God only know what will happen if they actually beat the Pats this weekend.

Good to have Offshore back at Heartbreak Ridge. He had his own take on the theme by dressing as Mr. Snowmiser in all tight silver attire.

During the 11 rounds of runs across the field nobody was able to find a dry path across. Plenty of soggyness at HBR, which made it all the more fun.

Announcements – Mr Holland has Christmas Q at Hoedown. Be there.  HDHH at the Answer next Wednesday 12/20.



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  1. Great idea Honeydo, thanks for taking the 12 days on the road. The build up of the exercises makes for a good Q, that might have to come back in a different form. Christmas in July anyone?

  2. Great workout, thanks for bringing it this morning, Honey Do! Soggy field wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, thankfully… And I must say the the “two count/two legs” was a creative cadence that may or may not be Corporate-approved.