Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s difference between Sippy Cup and Jesus…


22 Warriors and 1 Wonder Woman 2.0 said the snow wasn’t going to stop them this morning to post at the first snow workout of the season (aka Snowpile)

This is how it went down:

Slaughter Start – 20 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the circle next to the amphitheater 


  • SSH
  • Plank Jacks
  • LBC’s
  • American Hammers
  • DQ
  • Arm Circles

Donkey Wall

On the brink wall across from the amphitheater the following was completed:

  • Donkey Kicks x 5, Mountain Donkeys (2 count) x 5, Jack Ass Merkins x 5 (plank for the six)
  • Donkey Kicks x 10, Mountain Donkeys (2 count) x 10, Jack Ass Merkins x 10 (plank for the six)
  • Donkey Kicks x 15, Mountain Donkeys (2 count) x 15, Jack Ass Merkins x 15

Squat-O-Rama for the six then 20 count hold in “Helix” squat

Love Hill

Starting a the bottom the Q calls out a exercise and the PAX continues until the Q says “run”. Q then calls out another exercise. Rinse and repeat until the whole PAX reaches the gate

Plank-O-Rama for the six then 10 count hold in elbow plank

Amphitheater Fun

Skull Crushers – From the bottom to top start with 1 up to 18 (Decline Plank-o-rama for the six)

Decline Merkins – From the top to bottom start with 18 down to 1 (Squat-O-Rama for the six, audible to join Sippy during his last 4 sets)

Rusty Cage

Split in two groups; first group does 10 Burp-Ups and second group does 10 Jerkins then switch (plank-o-rama for the six then 10 count hold in elbow plank)

Scout run in two lines back to the SF then AYG called for the last 200 yards

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out. 


Not only was YHC glad to be back at Dogpile but what an honor it was to lead during the first snow workout of season. YHC showed up at least 20 minutes early expecting of course to see big blue but was happy to also see others ready to go as well.

Attire for these festivities varied. The guy from Buffalo dressed for the snow apocalypse while Hardywood looked like he was ready for a trip to Hawaii in his beach speedo

Other great things YHC learned today:

  • Donkey Wall  was differently one of those that looks better on paper
  • You shouldn’t be afraid of the big dogs, its the little ones you have to worry about
  • What’s the difference between Sippy Cup and Jesus? One is perfect the other is a Carpenter
  • Helix squats should be called regular squats. Everything else is just bull sh*t
  • Don’t talk about how beet juice helps your system while K2 is eating
  • See Viral for assistance with Non Profit Tool Bank
  • Congrats to everyone that finished the Bear Creek 10 miler last week and to Swirly/TYA on the ultra race
  • YHC is proud to announce that him and is M are excepting their second child in June




  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Spit.
    Way to work guys – enjoyed the snow in shorts !
    Much respect to K2 – wow !
    Thanks to Helix and Labrat for the Blueballs beer!

  2. That was a serious beat down Spit! As it pertains to my layers, it was appropriate for the weather. Hardywood is just Super and is likely still in a hot bath warming up.

  3. Great work, everyone. The wall was a tough start! Agree – muchos props to K2. Gymnasts rock!

  4. Brutal Q Spit. I love Donkey Kicks and can do Merkins but those Jack Ass Merkins did me in.

  5. Super Q…started strong and kicked my donkey balls for the full hour. Well done (in a good way, with respect to Wilson’s steak rating system).

  6. Great Q Spit. It’s great there are 22 other people in RVA that enjoy good times in the snow. K2 had a great time and her hot breakfast was well deserved

  7. Aleays a Great Q Spit. Congrats to you and your M.

    I will be dreaming of Jack Ass donkey kicks tonight. I like how the PAX get motivated with six derkins to go in the ampitheater.

    Great to see Ollivander pushing himself on the skull crushers.

    I’ve not made DPile since the half. Great catching up with everyone. Congrats to all recent racer completers.

    Go Army! Beat Navy!

  8. They’ve tried to get me a few times, my brothers help me just get stronger.

    Time to buy up your Jim Neighbors collectible Christmas albums.

  9. Don’t forget we also learned.. Hardywood’s safe word… not that he would ever use it…

  10. Thanks for leading us Spit and congrats on the baby news! I also appreciated your words and prayer at the end…well said.

    The Rusty cage is always humbling. A decade+ of running may make you fast but it leaves you with the upper body strength of a school girl. More work to do there.

    Great to see everyone at ET’s. Honestly it’s one of the best parts of my week. Huge respect for TYA and Swirly for completing the 60k. The physical and mental toughness that takes is inspiring.

    See y’all in the gloom!

  11. I thought it was “what’s the difference between sippy’s merkin form and Jesus?” One is perfect, the other is a carpenter… either way it was funny if just a bit blasphemous

  12. For the record, I wish I had K2’s strength to weight ratio. I’d be like something out of a Jack Reacher novel.

  13. Sorry if I didn’t get the exact wording. No matter the what the punchline was, it definitely was the highlight at the amphitheater that morning.

  14. Wow, that sounds action packed, and I can’t wait to find out what a Jack-ass Merkin looks like. Nicely done Spit. Respect to all of you guys and K2! Sorry to have missed it.

    Congrats to you and the M on the baby news, Spit!