Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MANNDate Murph


7 men un-fartsacked themselves, grabbed their heavy iron bells, and got to work

COP all IC

SSH x 1

The Murph

One mile run

100 Merkin Rows

200 Sit-up Press

300 Snatch

One Mile Run



Chewy took us out


The second showing of Murph at MANNDate did not disappoint. Everyone worked hard and gave it their all. Rounders came the closest to finishing. YHC thinks that he will have to Q the first Wednesday of the month for a while before this becomes a tradition, but he fears that there may be some mutiny being planned to stop this.

YHC learned a few things this morning:

Murph can shut a PAX right up

Wild Thing is a happy guy that will start singing at any moment

When No Idea is late he can slide right into the workout without anyone knowing that he just got there

While there is no good time for the 4th F. The worst time is at the beginning of a long set of sit-ups

Never argue form with Helix. He is right

Thanks for letting me lead




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  1. Thanks for leading the challenge, Mudface. That was brutal and humbling. It was kind of Wild Thing and Opus to drown out my sobs with Oklahoma.

  2. I am having some trouble waddling around the office today. Apparently snatches done correctly affect the inner thighs. Ouch.