Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If That Sound is Jay-Z, This Must be Tidal.


One PAX could not take being awake in the middle the night any longer, threw off any illusion of the Fart Sack, and reported for duty for the last edition of the Gun Show. (This being Guam, YHC reported first to the security guard at the edge of the beach before circling up for the COP).  The  Navajo Code Talkers whisper the story this way:

Landing on the Beach for COP (02:48 local):
SSHs, DQs, IWs, Merkins, WWIIs, and LBCs, all in whispered cadence to a 10 or 20 count.

Beach run on soft sand going south.  Stop every 100 yards or so for a medley of exercises.  Rotation today was mercans, squats, WWIIs, and reverse crunches.  20x each evolution.

Turn around point was the hollowed out rock formation.

Beach run on hard sand on the return.  Detour onto the rock wall, then back to the hard sand. Return to base. (03:29 local)

Exchange code word with the security guard, silent COT, and no announcements.

Today was the 4th and final edition of F3 on Gun Beach, Tumen, Guam.  YHC has christened the AO “Gun Show,” partly because of the beach name, and partly because YHC went sleeveless to the first and last workouts.  “Moon’s out, guns out,” or something like that.

Gun Show has offered some interesting sights and triggered a few observations:

  1. At an earlier workout this week, YHC nearly tripped on a sleeping couple locked in a romantic embrace…fortunately, YHC was wearing his Clavin-inspired 100 candlepower “Torch on a Forehead” device, and merely awoke the vacationers…thankfully, for today’s rendition, the full-ish moon provided plenty of illumination, enabling YHC to sidestep more than just a few beach sleepers.  Does anyone know the Japanese phrase for “Hand check!”?
  2. Lots of folks party late here.  YHC appreciated the on-going revelry, including a little Jay-Z (22 Two’s).  One reveler wished YHC a “safe and happy New Year.”  Yeah, buddy.
  3. While the water is a lagoon, it must be tidal…today was the first run that did not require a detour at the rock wall where the ocean has previously covered the beach completely…hard sand all the way…until the return when the tide had come in across 20 feet of sand in 20 minutes.  Wow.  That’s no joke.
  4. YHC has read extensively in other Back Blasts recently about the “Proper Dora.”  Having seen not less than 50 actual crabs walking (or running) rapidly for their holes this week, YHC reports that not one performed a Proper Crabwalk.  First, each of them walked chest down to the sand.  Second, each of them moved “side-to-side,” or “legs out” on one side before pulling “legs in” on the other side.  Third, something they do makes them faster than a typical F3er.  Look for the Proper Crustacean walk to make an appearance at a future UpChuck Q.

Back to the States today…should only take roughly one Swirly / TYA ultra-race…

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Glad you didnt have to bat back a KJ Supreme Leader special. AT least not on this trip. Travel safe.

    Guam probably should get its own AO.

  2. Thankfully, no incoming objects. My 11 year old has worried about KJU for about 2 months since she learned I was headed that way…

    That said, and I debated sharing this earlier because I doubt anyone would believe it without visual evidence, there was a kid who walked past me at the hotel pool who had a face that was the spitting image of KJU. I’d guess 7 years old, 35-40 inches tall and cheeks the size of small watermellons. Those jowls almost touched across his nose. Hair was close cropped on the sides and slicked down on top. Same guy, only 1/10th the size and not as hefty.

    I was on the phone when the kid walked past with his parents, and I just couldn’t get the phone into camera mode fast enough…