Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Two of us posted for The Punisher this week under dry conditions and temperatures in the mid-50s, surely warmer than for Monday’s morning workouts.  We set out from the parking lot at 6:30 PM and moseyed to the Laburnum Avenue side of Holton Elementary and began this Thang:  Startup COP with 20 x Invisible Jump Ropes, 15 x Imperial Walkers, 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Hillbillies, and Arm Circles as per usual.

Began variation of 4 corners from the same side of the school.  Jog to the school wall for 5 Mountain Climbers.  Move to the edge of the outdoor classroom and add 10 Carolina Dry Docks to the 5 MCs.  Mosey to the Laburnum Avenue sidewalk and add 15 Squats.  Move to the next street light and add 20 SSHs.  Plank until PAX is reassembled.  Continue back around the square dropping off the top exercise until final 20 SSHs are done.

Jog to the gravel driveway on Laburnum and complete 3 Merkins per tree, Lunge Walking in between, along the property edge heading back to the main parking lot entrance.

Mosey to the school wall for a couple of rounds of Double Check – one of us held People’s Chair while the other jogged to Laburnum and back.  Switch, then repeat.  Additional round with Dead Cockroach.

Stroll to the outdoor classroom for 11s involving Dips and LBCs.  Quick stretch sequence immediately followed, then mosey back to the parking lot.  COT.

Nice work Ghost Rider.


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