Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Democracy Prevails


Eight Spider Run regulars huddled around #bigblue prior to embarking on our journey today.  Nothing new today.  A suggestion from Pucker to take down the first class streets did not make it out of committee.  The PAX voted and River Run it was.

Through the bat cave, across the river, turn left (not right TYA) and head along the river up to Cherokee.  Turn around where you see fit to hit 5 or 6 miles.  Six milers challenged Rustic road and nearly lost.  Turn around and head home the same way you came.

BOM and Marv took us out.

No one signed up so the vote went to the PAX for the route of the day.  We’ve been at this long enough to have plenty of choices for everyone.  River Run is a crowd pleaser given the long weekend behind us and the upcoming races this weekend.

Potpourri for the day includes:

  • Lab Rat can speak dog, almost causing Kenya to jump off the bridge
  • Marv’s prays for us all to go out in the world and be better GCs (edit: general contractors)
  • Pucker’s identified the fountain of youth, perpetually maintaining his lack of respect
  • TYA over paid for a headlamp.  If you need a light this is the corporate approved version.  Order today.  https://www.rei.com/product/890322/black-diamond-spot-headlamp-2016

Hopefully Sippy’s brief encounter in the bat cave on the return route was indeed brief.  Recover fast my man.

Party tomorrow night @ Baldwin.  Big race Saturday.  Bear Creek Sunday.  If you see a friend wish him luck.

Splinter out



  1. Democracy is awesome. Lab Rat cast his vote to be represented by Splinter. Splinter listened to his constituent, Pucker. The ayes outweighed the nays. Marv closed it out with by stumping for next week’s Q.

    Thanks for stepping up, Splinter! Viral has WDog mañana, for those that havent looked it up yet.