Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Various Ways to Use a Leaf Blower


Twelve Tuckahoegans fought off the frost for a hot potato between Splinter and Fudd.  No one signed up for the Q so YHC took it first and Fudd took us home.  Mosey to the sea of tranquility for COP.  The rest of it went something like this:

COP – All IC
27x SSH
11x Burpees
27x MCs
11x DQs
11x Knee Jumps

The Thang
Stay on the blacktop ocean for 11s.  Start at one end of the blacktop and perform 10 merkins.  Run to the other end and complete 1 jump squat.  Back to the other end for 9 merkins, etc until 1-10.  Plank-o-rama when complete.

Mosey to the main parking lot for clockwork merkins.  27 merkins on the bernie sanders hill in each of 4 clock directions.  Start at 12, then 3, 6 and 9.  Mix in 11 reps of various leg exercises between merkin sets.  Lt Dans, Squats, Ball Jumpers, Squats.  Various Al Gore positions after leg exercises.

Toss the ball to Fudd for the remainder.  Mosey to the front of the school for tunnel of love.  Partner up and face each other Al Gore style while the pax bear crawls through the tunnel.  Start at the sidewalk and work our way to the school sign.  Audible nixed the repeat back to the sidewalk.  Listen to Honey Do count while Fudd collects his sippy cup.

Slide down the hill to the LED lit parking lot for three rounds of polar bears and bus loop tracers.  Polar bear from one oend of hte parking lot to the stop sign followed by a loop around the drop off loop.  More Al Gores to finish.

Slip on over to the flag for a little mary.  Fudd kept the 27 theme going with 27x flutter kicks, LBCs and box cutters.  YHC took us out.

Everyone was lively with post turkey day chatter today.  Two Can only gained 1 pound over the weekend and is down to his fighting weight.  Some of the PAX was eager to learn of Fudd’s famous Bridge of Hate.  Two Can is now ready.

Love Seat procured a new backpack leaf blower before Thanksgiving and didn’t take it off the entire weekend.  Various uses include cooling off an over cooked turkey and revving it up to clean off plates post feast.  A man and his power toys are hard to split.

The tunnel of love was the longest single span YHC has endured staring deep into Fudd’s eyes.  Holding hands while in Al Gore position only lasted a split second.

No one figured out the significance of 27 and 11 until the very end.  Fudd was confused but still stuck with the theme.  11/27 is YHCs daughter’s b-day so a tribute felt appropriate.

– Ample opportunities to lead Hoedown.  Ping me if you want to lead and I’ll get you setup.  It’s free to lead just as it’s free to participate.  Sounds like Slurpee and Kubota may be coming soon
– Party at TYAs house on Baldwin on Wednesday.  See TYAs post

Always fun gentlemen.

Splinter out



  1. Nice Q, Splinter and Fudd! I was really feeling the smorgasbord of different foods that were consumed over Thanksgiving! I wish I had only gained one pound like Two Can.

  2. Great Q, Splinter! That sounds like quite a staring contest with Fudd, particularly during the tunnel of love.

    Loveseat’s newfound kinship with his leaf blower has already got me checking out cyber Monday deals…

    Have a great Monday guys, enjoyed it!

  3. Way to get us warmed up with the 11s at the start Splinter. I had almost forgotten about Fudds Bridge of Hate, maybe we can get one of the VQs coming out to break thar out.