Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Quiet morning on the trails


3 stalwarts posted for a Sunday morning run.

The Thang:  Buttermilk to T. Pottersfield to North Bank and back to Pump House


Shakedown and Hardywood took the lead today.  TYA was pseudo tapering so took it slow and easy on the trails today.  Nice and quiet out there on the trails today.  Weather was awesome, high 40’s by the end and YHC was shedding layers.  Good 2nd F with Hardywood at Crossroads post workout.  Great to catch up with a great guy.


Happy hour Weds at 705 Baldwin Road


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  1. I’m glad I was out there on the trails today. Always good to see TYA and good convo with Hardywood on the run.

    I may have slept in this morning if I hadn’t promised Guinness I’d meet him there for a modified short run. Maybe he got the time wrong again ??? Gotta get that guy a RVA watch for when he’s visiting ?

    I am actually thanking him though, because even though he didn’t show he got me to post and I’m always happier when I do then when I don’t.

    See gal in the gloom

    – Shakedown ??

  2. Sorry to miss, fellas. Sounds like a good morning out there.

    4 hours to go on the trip, or as I like to say, one quarter of a TYA/Swirly run.