Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Black Friday Shopping


Cold weather, holiday travels, post Thanksgiving festivity fallout, and Turkey Trot recovery kept many away….except for six intrepid runners.

The Routes

  • 4s/5s – Route going to Carytown and Grove/Libbie to check out the shopping deals.
  • 6s – Tour de Grove/Libbie, the Shops at Patterson, and a loop around Willow Lawn to find all the great deals.


A lot of running as a pack today with great conversation.  YHC decided it was a day for Pax coffee and fellowship, so I drove down to Starbucks with the intent of making it back before the 6s got back.  Hardywood was standing with coffee mug in hand despite not knowing about the coffee run.

Good conversation with the Pax as we drank a box of coffee and talked about everything and nothing.  With this crew, the conversation easily covers all basis with breadth and depth. Beyond a good workout, the fellowship with this fine group is what keeps me coming back; pushing myself beyond the physical pursuits.  Something to be thankful for year round, but particularly around these introspective holidays.

I hope the entire Pax have a safe and fun holiday weekend with friends and family.

Always Be Tapering,



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  1. Despite being a bit under the weather and not a coffee drinker, I thoroughly enjoyed the mix-and-adventure of running, riding along to Starbucks, and the post-fellowship. Thanks guys!

  2. Yeah, that was great. Thanks for the coffee, Lockjaw and for picking me and Lab Rat up at the coffee shop. Good run chatter, a rendition or two of Curtis Loew, hot coffee, fellowship… glad I didn’t let the fartsack prevail. The fartsack force was strong this morning.

    See y’all tomorrow if it doesn’t win mañana.

  3. Great Q Lockjaw and thanks for the coffee. That was kind and generous. Thanks for the company and conversation on the run Sippy Cup.