Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Attention Black Friday shoppers…Beast Special at The Creek


8 faithful awoke from their Turkey comas and post at The Creek for a Black Friday special. The shovel flag was planted and the PAX got to work.

This is how it when down

Mosey one loop around the church

COP (All IC)

  • Arm Circles
  • DQ (Abe Vigoda Style)
  • Helicopters


The Beast – Black Friday Style

Instructions were given to stop at each median on side for church. 3 times down and 3 times back. The PAX then headed out to pick up their Black Friday items.

First Item at Target – Beats Headphones on sale $97
-97 Carolina Dry Dock (16 at each median)

Second Item at Target – XBOX One on sale $249.99
-250 Merkins (41 at each median)
-$40 Target card give at the register (40 SSH)

Third Item at Kohl’s – Fitbit Blaze on sale $149.99
-150 AL Prom Date (25 at each median)

Forth Item at Kohl’s – DJI Drone on sale $399.99 with a $120 instant savings
-280 LBC’s (46 at each median)

Fifth Item at Amazon – Echo Plus on sale $199.99
-200 American Hammers (34 at each median)

Sixth item at Toys-R-Us – Hello Kitty Cafe on sale $2.99
-43 Jump Squats (7 at each median)

Mosey back to the SF for Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out. 


The tradition is now in place for The Creek to host the ultimate Beast workout on every black Friday.  The PAX crushed YHC themed workout today with enthusiasm..

For the first ever the 2.0’s outnumbered the adults (5 2.0’s and 3 adults). It is truly a honor to have these kids join us every week. Not all of 2.0’s wanted all the items on the list. BB commented halfway through the merkins, she didn’t wait a XBOX One anymore

Welcome to Indy! Silently you crush your first workout.

The sweat on YHC back was so much that is left a imprint on the asphalt (picture below)


YHC is thankful this year for F3RVA. Through the support of all his F3 brother, YHC was able complete things he couldn’t have imagine!