Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

396 or 398 years later


38 determined redwoods posted on a perfect Thanksgiving morning.  Q declared right off the bat that the weather was 70 and sunny.

The Thang:

Mosey to side of school.  SSH x16, LBC x 19, Arm circle x16, Don Quixote’s x 6, Merkins x 10.  Mosey to front fields for suicide 11’s, first exercise is WWII setups, second is Merkins.  Mosey to tennis courts for four corners first corner is jump squats, second Lt. Dan’s, third is monkey jumpers, 4th is Merkins.  5 sets.  16x Rosalitas, 21 x LBC. Carpenter leads us in a prayer of thanks.  Mosey to side of school for double triple check.  Peoples chair, Carolina dry docks, run to the fence, first round 16 merkins, second 21 LBC,s each person do 6 runs.  Ring of fire – 4 way, Vee ups are the exercise.  Mosey or sprint back to shovel flag and close out.


All week long there has been an onslaught of information flowing about the first Thanksgiving in the United States.  Honestly, when YHC moved to the commonwealth of VA from the great commonwealth of Massachusetts, I had no idea there was any sort of controversy around this.  Well, after living in VA for 33 years, I am more than aware that the majority of folks in VA think that the first Thanksgiving was in VA.

I have done my research, looked at all the information, run the appropriate regression models and determined with statistical certainty that the answer does not really matter.  What matters is the act of giving thanks and looking around yourself and realizing how truly blessed we are.  It is easy in this current environment and culture to look at what we don’t have and take for granted what we do have.  I had the unique opportunity this year to travel to a part of the world (Ghana in Africa) that shines a spotlight on what little things we have that are taken for granted (clean water, sanitations systems, roads, etc).

(if you want to know what the rest of the country thinks about Giving, ask Alexa (thanks Marmaduke))

Lots of mumble chatter around the circle today. As the Q of a group of 38 people, it is very difficult to follow the discourse.  Chime in below if anything was said that needs to be shared.

Great to see folks from all around the RVA out there today.  One of the negative implications of our growth in RVA is that its now nearly impossible (see Upchuck, Lab Rat, and others who are hitting every AO) to hit every AO and to see all our brothers .

Big thanks today to Hardwood who provided the refreshments post work out.  Tclaps brother.

Good luck to all that are running Thanksgiving runs today.


Hardywood is leading Sundays Breaking Bread.  The more the merrier

HDHH next Wednesday at 705 Baldwin Road.  M’s and 2.0s welcome.  Come help bring some life to Marv’s new house.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Honored to be part of this group. Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. It was the best way to start my day.

    God Bless Plymouth.

  2. Great Q TYA! Enjoyed getting back to Mary. Have not been out there in a while. Brings back some good memories! Have a great Turkey day fellas!

  3. Great Q, TYA! Well said about the true meaning and reason for Thanksgiving! Thanks for the refreshments, Hardywood! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  4. Great Q TYA. Thanks for the leadership and for the wonderful reminder of our MANY blessings, especially F3.

    These convergence workouts have become my favorite way to kickoff every holiday. It’s great to reconnect with F3 brothers that I don’t get to see regularly. Thank you all for all the motivation and for the fellowship. I truly am thankful for you all and for this group. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy your families and travel safe.

  5. Great Q TYA! Always enjoy a good holiday beatdown. Awesome to see so many faces I haven’t seen in while.

    Glad I could keep count for you Wilson during the 11’s

    Happy Thanksgiving fellas!!

  6. Spit – your a true friend! I was distracted by breathing and couldn’t count. You and Viral are always helpful! Mr. Roper suffers from the same disease and is always comical when we run the 11’s together!

  7. What was your p-value on the regression, just curious…

    Awesome job today! I’m feeling those double triple checks!

    Thanks for the coffee, Hardywood!

  8. Thanks for leading today TYA! That was a great way to start Thanksgiving day! It’s great to reconnect with F3 RVA men I don’t get to see every week.

    Have a great thanksgiving holiday weekend men! Great seeing you all this AM.


  9. I am beginning to look more forward to the annual Thanksgiving workout than I am the turkey and stuffing.

    Peace-out brothers.

  10. Great job TYA! Great to see everyone this morning.

    We do have so much to be thankful for! I am thankful that my arms didn’t fall off after the Carolina Dry Dock to Merkin combo on the final double-triple check.

  11. I may have to start sticking around for the holidays. These holiday workouts look pretty good;) Not sure how i feel about TYA taking the high road in a BB yet, but I think it works this time. Well done, fellas!

  12. Great Q and BB TYA. Happy Thanksgivjng to all y’all. Grateful for so many things not the least of which is to be part of this F3 thing with you men.