Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We are Half PROPER at SOT


7 hearty souls looking for an excuse to consume a little extra tomorrow posted to SOT for a Thanksgiving appetizer of Gumbo, it tasted a little like this:

Mosey around the bus circle and form up for COP in the adjacent parking lot, including the following exercises all IC:

  • SSHs x20
  • DQ x10
  • Helicopters x10
  • Imperial Walkers x20
  • Arm Circles (sorry Flashdance) – 10 small, 5 large – forward then backward
  • Merkins x20
  • LBCs (nice and wet and cold) x20


The Suck – six exercise locations – each on a parking spot line with two parking spots in between for the transition.  7th PAX member was the rabbit timer who ran around the bus loop.  While rabbit was running, the exercises were AMRAP as noted below.  When rabbit returned and called switch, each PAX member bearcrawled to the next location and the person at Spot 6 became the new rabbit.

  • Spot 1 – merkins
  • Spot 2 – jump squats
  • Spot 3 – SSHs
  • Spot 4 – Flutter Kicks
  • Spot 5 – Mountain Climbers
  • Spot 6 – Monkey Humpers

Proper (for SOT) Dora – After reading about the proper Dora routine a few times lately, YHC wanted to give it a try.  The PAX mosey around the school to the main entrance and formed up on the steps in pairs.  Each pair completed 100 proper Doras (1 WWII, 2 Merkins and 3 Jump Squats in sequence = 1 Proper Dora).  One partner exercised while the other ran the loop around the faculty parking lot and returned to pick up count where  the other left off.

AUDIBLE DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS – Half Proper Dora and Half Lazy Proper Dora.  After reaching 50 as described above, each PAX member completed 25 additional Proper Doras and the run was eliminated (NOTE to PAX – I think this actually made it harder).

Quick Curb Crawl – Mosey back to our favorite curb spot at SOT with the most jagged and sharp asphalt in Richmond for a quick curb crawl up to 3 and back down to 1.

4x4s – Mosey back to the flag for 1 minute of 4x4s – starting with arms up above your head, drop down to a plank (burpee style), complete 4 merkins, then 4 two-count mountain climbers, then thrust back up to starting position (again, burpee style) — all that equal 1 4×4.  AMRAP for 1 minute.

American Hammers – Finish with 1 minute of American Hammers

COT, Number-rama, Nama-a-Rama and McRib took us out with great words of thanks!


  • 60MOM convergence at Mary Munford tomorrow 0600-0700 with coffee afterwards.
  • 0700 Late Show at Circus Maximus
  • HDHH at Soon to be Marv’s Casa – hosted by TYA (Lally Construction) next Wednesday – see pre-blast about it
  • Breaking Bread this Sunday – Hardywood has the Q – reach out if you can lend a hand


Great morning over at SOT this morning, though at 0525 YHC was sitting alone in the parking lot thinking of the glorious backblast he was going to write about a Single Serving of Gumbo while he remained in the warmth of his vehicle if nobody posted — of course he would wait the requisite time to post the BB to make it plausible that the grueling beatdown actually happened…then, just like the rude interruption of a perfectly good dream, Cerrano and Honeymoon rolled in and their car lights shook YHC from his fantasyland.  YHC wiped the drool from his chin and proceeded with the actual planned beatdown.

It was great to see Cliffhanger back out in the gloom with his dad — Rosie, Cliffhanger should be taller than you by the time the light returns to the gloom this Spring.  Way to push through a tough upper-body heavy workout Cliffhanger — enjoy and extra piece of pie!

Apologies go out to the PAX for delaying the inevitable “on your six” for us to get wet and embrace the wonderful gloom this morning.  I know the suspense was worse than the event.  And always, getting wet is worse than being wet.  That wet asphalt was cold!

Quick aside – Bobber’s stache is looking SWEET!

Strong work by all this morning.  Thanks for posting (sort of) and thanks for letting me lead again!

See you all tomorrow or, if not, have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving

No more Gumbo for you…this week!


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  1. Half proper sounds about right for the SOJ crew. Good to get Cliffhanger back out, he went straight back to bed when we got home. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him in the gloom this winter.

  2. I knew we should have turned my lights off and snuck up.

    Thanks for the great Q Gumbo. DORAs – Do Or Run Away… ?