Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

History by the numbers


11 Redwoods posted at Wdog for a history class by the numbers. It was Sunny and 70.


Slaughter Starter
OYO(on your own)
100 Merkins

Mosey to a COP

2 Merkins

21 Merkins

56 Merkins

Mosey to Edge of Shields Lake

Regular Dora
100 Merkins, 200 Box Cutter, 300 Squats- Partners run the Stair loop

Mosey to Steps
53 Dips
35 Dips

96 Merkins

Mini Dora
50 Merkins, 100 WWII Sit-ups, 150 LBC’s, running Stair loop in between each set

Mosey back to the Flag
18 Merkins
YHC took us out


By the Numbers, the Berkeley Hundred was the designation of the landing area on the James River, (100). The journey was first acknowledged as a thanksgiving for surviving the Journey – It was ordered by the Berkeley Company to be an Annual Event. Two(2) years later in 1621, the Fine folks in New England celebrated a Harvest festival which has taken on the traditional Thanksgiving Feast. Not to be out down, the Texans discovered their first Thanksgiving was in 1598, twenty-one (21) years before Virginia. The Sunshine State came back and looked through their history books and realized that their first Thanksgiving was in 1565, Fifty-Six (56) Years before the pilgrims Celebrated their Harvest Festival.

Because every group had levels of Explorers in them, Dora’s were the bulk of the activity today; thankfully.

The number of Pilgrims eating at the Harvest Festival was fifty-three(53). Most likely they had to have some dipping sauces, because no turkey or cranberries were actually served at that the “first” meal. By the way, in researching the guest list for the Pilgrims, No Salvucci’s were on the list, however, there was one Peter Brown.

The Berkley Company ship was named the “Margaret” It was thirty-five(35) feet in length.

The Pilgrims being Puritans, were getting away from the holiday packed religions of the Times. There were ninety-six(96) different church holidays that they did not want to celebrate, including Christmas and Easter.

It wasn’t until Dec 18, 1777 that the Continental Congress declared a Day of Thanksgiving.(18)

Everything we did today was on your own, Many days can feel like we are on our own. YHC is thankful for F3, because even though we all have our separate lives, there will always be commonality in the gloom!

Bleeder Out

In case you are wondering about all the data: you can find the different links below

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  1. I feel completely educated now and enlightened in the mystery of Thanksgiving. I am also glad to hear that Captain Woodlief was prepared, stocking 8,000 biscuits and bread, 160 pounds of butter, 127 pounds of bacon and horsemeat, 60 bushels of peas, 20 bushels of wheat, 6 tons of cider, 15 gallons of aqua vitae and 5½ tons of beer for their journey.

    Biscuits, bacon and beer sounds like a mighty Thanksgiving.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Bleeder – hell of a workout and BB buddy….
    Way to work this morning fella’s..
    The pic of – Sir Walter Raliegh – Pedro Escobar, Boy George, Orville Redenbocker and his brother Neville , David Ferhety, Nomar Garciapaira – is proof that the VA History books were right !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Absolutely terrific workout today Bleeder…I feel as though Thanksgiving came early (which in the case of Berkley it did.)

    Let’s also give a nod to Amerigo Vespucci who called BS on Columbus…No doubt related to the Salvucci clan in some way…probably due to his mischievous brother Sal Vespucci….(he sure did like the ladies.)

  4. On such a day of reflection and gratitude, I’m thankful that I got in tomorrow’s merkins this morning as well.

    Great workout today, Bleeder!

  5. Should have just closed today…. Merkins were the death of me … totally smoked… and it would have given me a chance to stop off and have my I Love Bleeder lower back tattoo retouched… it took a beating this morning… Historical Beatdown Bleeder!

  6. Thanks Bleeder. Like the others I’m smoked. Spent the day building a built in art of shelves and desk and felt every Merkin.

    Swirly – lol – that’s definitely who’s in that picture ?