Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is that Mars or Spudnik?


4 RVA spuds appeared in the gloom this morning to take on Heartbreak Ridge. As of 5:14am today the Q sheet was empty so YHC took the chance to get worked up for 33 lucky minutes of true “you against you” pain – as long as there were a minimum of 5 PAX in attendance. When the requisite number wasn’t achieved, a hot potato audible was called. In it together, with no hesi-tating the PAX took off to start a true beatdown. Here’s how it went…

Figurative Potato Holder: Loose Goose
Mosey to the upper field for a table steaks (fries) COP. Lots of mumblechatter and common-tating along the way about the length of the grass in the field
– Invisible jump rope x20 IC
– IW x20 IC
– Russian Soldiers x20 IC
– WWII situps x20 OYO
– Imperial Squat walkers x15 IC
– Merkins x20 IC
– IP Lunges x20 IC
– Scorpion Dry Docks x20 OYO

Mosey to the tennis courts for a vichyssoise King of Hearts. Do the following down and back as Q calls it out. Plank when finished until Q calls start to next itertation.
– Sprint
– Backwards run
– Side shuffle facing school
– Bear Crawl down, sprint back
– Karaoke
– Suicide

After assessing who was ready to grab the potato by the eyes, pass to Mr. Holland.
Mosey across the entire AO to the Jerkin Gym. Partner up & do a Jerkin (aka small fry pull-up) Ladder from 6 down to 1
Mosey to the track. Partner up, do the following:
– Lap 1: Partner 1 run lap, Partner 2 does 30 Merkins, 50 LBCs, Squats until Partner 1 returns. Switch.
– Lap 2: Partner 1 run lap, Partner 2 does rotation of 10 Merkins, 10 LBCs, 10 Squats until Partner 1 returns. Switch.

Inquire who was ready to chip in… Gomer Pyle said, “I yam!” The goal? “I want the Pax’s arms tubern”
Mosey to the a-peeling pull up bars. Partner up & do 50 pull-ups
Mosey to the hill near the shovel flag. Partner up and do:
– Sets of 20, 20, and 10 partner-assisted plank-under-leg(ume)s dips
– 3 sets of partner-assisted merkins
Stand at the root of the hill… Proceed up and down a bunch of times – forward run, backward run, polar bear/bear polar, forward run, backward run, forward run
Back to shovel flag- quick Ring of Fries… er, Fire.

– Convergence 6-7am at 45MoM Thursday 11/23
– Circus Maximus 7:00am same day
– Normal workouts resume on Fryday

– YHC knows he ruffled some feathers by teasing the Lucky Horseshoe and then not delivering, but that 33 minutes is much better when you have enough PAX to have others around you most of the time. To be revisited soon.
– We have a lot to be thankful for, and today YHC is grateful for the privilege of being able to take part in the Q this morning, and to have fellow PAX with whom to enjoy the gloom. It’s good to be over the bronchitis and be back to posting regularly. Thanks to all of you for being an important part of my day today.


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  1. I enjoying seeing Loose Goose in the gloom, UNLESS he has that laminated card with him. Still turned out to be a solid beatdown and Mr Holland is ready to VQ.

  2. Thanks men. The hill was short so its not quite as monotonous as it sounds, but there was some welcome PAX groaning.

    The best thing about partner dips is that you just need any bench / picnic table for the pax – planking pax usually end up doing the counting by the end of the rotations.

    That was fun.

  3. Glad to avoid Heartbreak’s namesake for the morning! I’ll see what I can come up with to keep y’all busy next week…