Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to Basics


A record tying 17 Pax showed for a brisk Hoedown workout.

Mosey to the front of the school for COP.

Hill Billies, Don Quixote, Copperhead Squats, Russian Soldiers.  Note: 5 adhoc burpees were called to get Pax back to order.

Number off for 4 Corners:

  • Corner 1 – Merkins off of the bike rack bars
  • Corner 2 – ABCs
  • Corner 3 – Boxcutters
  • Corner 4 – Box Jumps on the front steps

Three rounds with reps of 10, 20, and 30.  ABCs spelled Wahoos, Cavaliers, and University of Virginia in the respective rounds.

Mosey across the street to the lit church parking lot and commence Red Barchetta.

  • Across the lot and 100 SSHs, run back
  • 75% across and 75 Mountain Climbser, run back
  • 50% across and 50 LBCs, run back
  • 25% and 25 Merkins, run back
  • 10% and 10 Burpees, run back

Partner up for Doras.

  • 100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Flutter Kicks
  • The other partner runs the perimeter of the parking lot
  • Repeato until all exercises performed

Mosey back to the SF and circle up for Merkin Ring of Fire followed by American Hammers and Freddy Mercuries.

Swiper took us out.


17 strong is an awesome turnout with Pax showing up from across the river and Richmond proper.  Hottest AO in town!

Despite the record turn out, danger awaited the Pax this morning.  A slight rise in the road marked the divider for the bus route.  Slight, but just enough to take Gomer Pyle down on his chest.  With great aplomb, he performed a Merkin, got up and ran like he meant to do it.  Well Done!

Finishing the Red Barchetta with burpees, a trash truck turned into the lot and the Pax was perfectly lined up with the trash dumpster.  A quick shift in location and all is well.  As one of the darkest AOs, Hoedown is also proving to be one with the most tripping hazards as well.

It was great seeing such solid numbers today and on a Monday without rain no less!


  • Wednesday – Special kid friendly Hoedown for the 2.0s @ 6:30 am for 45 minutes.
  • Thursday – Thanksgiving workout at Mary.  Holiday time at 6:00 am with coffee afterwards.
  • Sunday – Breaking Bread – See Hardywood for details and to offer a hand.
  • Hoedown Pax – Plenty of time to get a VQ in at Hoedown before year end.  Sign up now!

Time to Taper,


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  1. The Hand-Release merkins were an absolute BEAST…great Q Lockjaw. It was nice to see Pucker and Viral join the locals.

    Gomer certainly gets style points for working in the Merkin after suddenly finding himself in a prone position on Forest Hill.

  2. Ditto on the hand release merkins. Total gasser.

    I will admit I finally internalized the reason behind the naming of Freddy Mercuries. Thus is the reason for my sudden breakout of Bicycle Race. Apologies to the PAX for having to listen to that.

  3. Did we spell those words because the Yahoos are used to being on their backs?

    Never laughed that hard when a Q called out 5 Burpees before.

  4. Good to see Gomer Pyle out at Hoedown. Was going to say nice Q Lockjaw but then you had to get pen & paper for the name-orama. The bike rack merkins made up for it though.

  5. HD, if it lends further credibility, the names on the paper were barely legible due to the cold ink.

  6. EF, I have moved on to basketball season. Football is all but over except for one final game…

    Nothing like a UVA reference to bring all the Hokies out!

  7. The quality of the season determines how soon the Wahoo collective moves on, but does it always have to be inevitable? We will see Next season.

  8. Thanks for the Q lock jaw. Good to be off the road for a bit. Great seeing you gents again.

    Safe travels for all this week.