Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Windy Sunday Morning


5 faithful posted for a Sunday morning jaunt around the James.

The Thang:

Northbank, across T. Pottersfield, Buttermilk back to Pump House. 2 opted for an additional run around Forest Hill park.


Beautiful morning for a run in November.  Temp was hovering around 60 degrees at the launch.  Temp dropped during the run, but only a few degrees.  By the time we ended it was mid fifties and still quite nice.  Only weather issue was the wind…it was quite breezy out there this morning.  Only place it really affected us was coming back over the Nickel Bridge.  When Saab and I returned, the wind was howling and it was hard to keep forward progress rolling.  Also beins (a tribute Circle K there) that we were at the end of the run, we were sweaty and the cold wind was really cold.

Ran into Hardwood and Flashdance on the trails this morning.  They were returning from a 3 mile run on the south side heading into Forest Hill.  Great to run into F3 brothers out there, and both were more than happy to see the PAX.

Today Saab was leading the way throughout followed by Lab Rat and Shakedown.  YHC and Wedding Singer were battling for the last spot in the line.  I think I was able to be slower than him on a majority of the run. Trails are nice and quiet in the winter/late fall.  We probably saw a dozen people this morning with only 1 or 2 other souls seen in Forest Hill.


Thx giving workout 6-7 on Thursday.  It is sure to be a beatdown and to be educational.



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  1. Good run today! Always good to catch up with shakedown, and see how crazy different Singer’s beer pallet is than mine.

    Another beautiful morning in the RVA.

  2. Not my best run but great company. Curious about Singer’s beer palate… Appreciated the 2nd F at ET’s…made for a great start to the day.

    Look forward to alternative-history lesson on Thursday…

  3. Alternative history lesson indeed!!!!! TYAs argument of what the history books in CA say about TG is complete nonsense. See Twitter post (I can’t believe I just said that) from Splinter.

  4. Great time of year on the trails – agreed. However, my clumsy ass found every other rock and root out there. Doesn’t bode well for Bear Creek…

    Looking forward to the Thursday beat down in honor of the first Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation.