Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Extended Mary


3 SOJ regulars hit the darkness of TwinTeam for a little improvised beatdown.  YHC had the Q but didn’t have any set plans, a visit to the namesake, laps on the track, staying close to the parking lot were all on the table when Flashdance rolled in at 0529:30.  Here’s what we ended up with


Mosey behind the school for a warm up of SSH, DQ, IW, Hand release merkins, FM

Triple Check at the bus loop – Run the loop, slow (good form) 6 count burpees, split squats

Lindsey – Around the playground track stopping at each corner – Merkins and Box Cutters

6 Pack – Pullups and Jump Squats – Plankarama

Back behind the school for some extended Mary including but not limited to:  FK, 1-leg APD, American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs, Dollies, Rosalitas, Peter Parker, Parker Peter – Run/Power Skip across the courts for a break

Triple Check – Run across the Courts, Merkins, Monkey Humpers – Cut it short to get back to the flag


Good to see Flashdance back out after a week or so of staying home early mornings with his kids.  Could tell he was missing F3 by the amount of mumblechatter between him and Mr. Roper.  Not sure how much work actually got done but sometimes it’s not about the 1st F as much as it is the 2nd.  The extended mary got plenty of complaints that beach season is not on the horizon but no time like the present to get ready.  Post workout discussion about how to make your charity dollars go far and be worthwhile rather than donating to a large university or charity with a huge endowment and overhead.  That segues rather nicely into the first announcement.

Announcements –

  • LabRat has a new fundraising/coffee shop venture that sounds pretty amazing – video link in the comments
  • 45MoM Thursday at 600 – 1 hour workout  with coffee afterwards

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  1. Thanks Rosie for leading today and yes I was on time!! FYI beach season is OVER all that ab stuff was not necessary but I am ready for spring break now!!!