Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dastardly Dora Demolishes Dashing Denizens of the Creek.


17 Hardcorp Creeksters met at the Church for the Beatdown.  It must be cold in the mornings because everyone arrived within 4 minutes of the start time!

The Pain was brought in the following fashion:

Mosey 2 laps around the Church to COP


10 arm circles small, 5 big  (all three count) reverso

20 (3 count) Hillbillys that Q accidentally called imperial walkers.

20 (3 count) Imperial walkers that the Q properly called imperial walkers

20 (3 count) LBCs

Mosey 2 more laps around church.

Broken Wheelbarrows, each Creekster had to do 2 lengths from lightpost to lightpost in both barrow and pusher position.

Hold plank until all done with BW’s

20 (3 count) Carolina Drydocks

DORA OF DEATH:  100 burpees, 200 crabcakes, 300 dwight howards.

We had to stop at 0613 hours because we just couldn’t make it all fit except maybe OPUS and his Partner…who was that?  Teaparty?  So we had to get back to the Shovel Flag, numberama 17!!! and namarama…..announcements…. I forgot, so if you remember, put ’em in the comments please.  The Carpenter took us out with prayer.

Sorry, we couldn’t extend gentlemen, I had Guantanamo and Fire Drill planned but we just didn’t get to them!!!  Next Time!  Everyone worked hard….good to see people sweating in the cold!!!!

Thanks for letting me Q again.



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  1. Great Q, Rounders, and nice use of the Weincke. 2nd Q down…only gets easier.

    Way to mix in the Dry Docks…feeling those tonight.

    Announcement…Thanksgiving mini convergence at 45MOM, which will be 60 minutes starting at 6. Hardywood will be hosting a Coffeeteria afterwards in the parking lot. Come early, stay late.

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