Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oak Route


14 was the lucky number for cool  Spider Run today and here is what we did.

Those doing the merkin challenge – crush some merkins before the run. The route – OAK !

Pax ran out of campus up Boatwright across Three Chopt – down side road – pass the church down Grove to Oak – right on Oak till the end – 6 Milers keep going and do the Hillcrest loop. Back to campus – loop around the lake should you choose.

Dutch/Saab Splinter took off as usual – Marv and Sippy were discussing last nights VCU win over North Florida – way to go Rams ! Hey North Florida can shoot – Freaken Pedro Escobar  is a drug smuggling 80 year old but that dude hit like 20 3’s  – hey Rams D – you guys might want to step out on him ….. make him put it on the floor and take to it the rack cause that dude was making them from the parking lot … Tillman freaken crushed it last night – strong performance – all in all rams looked good and Marv seemed happy ! Shakedown, Labrat, BT, EF Hutton were all moving along at a nice clip. Pucker, TYA,  Taxi Cab powered up and down those hills. Freaken Bleeder was on fire he absolutely smoked that run with some of his best mile times in a good while  – well done dude !

Labrat says there is a new radio station in Ashland – Saabski said it was cold – not really but his nips said that 🙂  Hutton is gonna join TYA and YHC on the Wed evening  trail run this week – atta baby Hutton .

Big shout out to – Gomer Pyle, Wedding Singer, Shakedown, and Spit – for crushing the half  marathon – great job guys.

BT took us out – and those in the merkin challenge started up again = boom !

Way to work fella’s – great morning for a run !

See y’all in the gloom


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  1. Nice work Swirly. Love and hate that route. Nothing like running as far away from the start and then crushing a massive hill. Got to the top and wished it was over but still had 2+ to go.

    I wish I watched more of the VCU game. Sounds like Swirly may be able to moonlight as a color commentator.

  2. Enjoyed the run, good to be back at Spider Run. How bout adding a comma after Dutch so we’re not combined in Big Data as one Super PAX member though?

  3. You got me Swirly…had you pegged for a River-run today for sure. Really enjoyed the OAK run, however.

    Thanks to Splinter for suggesting the burner that is Hillcrest. Great run though…had to be the quickest I’ve run in 4 months (while still being able to walk afterward).

    As to the nips, they were a bit off today due to the extra layer. Upon removal, they were in full upright position. Better than a 10-dollar weather app!

  4. Great route, loved when the pax went from 14 to 75, then back to 14.

    I would argue that the VCU D did step out on Escobar, so he moved back against the media table and shot 3’s from there. That dude was insane.

  5. Good times this morning gents. Glad I got to catch up with EF Hutton this morning (glad we didn’t wipe out on that foot bridge) and always good to run with Lab Rat and BT – even got some Swirly time out there today. I was feeling those hills but it was good to get my legs moving again get back with F3 after a couple days off. I guess I’m hooked – this morning was my first post since last Monday and I missed it.

    I have to admit, I’m not the smartest guy in the PAX before my coffee but I was a bit confused when I looked up and saw 75 headlamps and vests coming at us 🙂

    Gonna check out that new radio station this afternoon…

  6. Beautiful morning, perfect temp. Gotta admit that all those headlamps on Oak looked pretty cool. Swirly on the way out and Lab Rat on the way in was special. BTW, we may need to start a collection for a land lease for LR so he can go after some ducks. F3 doesn’t promote quitters!

  7. Swirly Great Route, I am not sure how you managed to bring the other OAK running group out right on cue, but that was impressive. Is there anyone in my Flight that’s running the Turkey Trot next week? TYA? Toucan?