Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Giving Lindsay Some Love….


A Lucky 13 presented themselves at TES under slightly moist and chilly conditions. This is what transpired – more or less…

COP: DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles (front and back), LBC’s (52). Preceded each exercise with 10 Merkins

Lindsay Love: Proceed to near bottom of Lindsay court and partner up. Partner runs to top and back while other runs through 4 exercises: B-Jump Burpees, Bear Crawls, Polar Bears, Squat-then-jump.  Finish with 20 Merkins

Mosey to side of school near (very muddy) field. 26 Donkey Kicks. Bear Crawl to middle of field, perform 26 Merkins, then run to other side and perform 26 WWII’s.  Three rounds.

Four Corners: Merkins, J-Squats, LBCs, American Hammers. Start at 10, 20, then 30 each.

Burpee Shuffle: Person calls out number of burpees (1-3). No successive repeats.



Little to report except for the state of the field which was extremely muddy. Given the damage YHC had done to the Mary Munford field on his first-ever Q, YHC called an audible to move to the asphalt.

Thanks to Splinter and Honeydo, Merkin total was tabulated at “225.”

The PAX was joined (briefly) by a nearby resident who was taking a day off from his usual workout group (rhymes with “Peal Seam”). His visit ended after (cordially) pointing out to YHC that our Donkey-Kicks were leaving mud on the TMS brick wall. His observation was acknowledged. (A confounded YHC also acknowledged a couple of other things that were left unsaid.)

Announcements: See Marv for all things VCU – including tickets to tonight’s game (and future games for that matter).

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  1. It isn’t as cold nor wet when traveling with good company. It was quite swampy on the field today – perfect for bear crawls.

    Happy birthday old friend (duration of knowing you, not age)!

  2. For what it’s worth. DKs can be performed well with or without kicking the wall. Equally as effective.

    Nice Q Saab!

  3. Way to recover from forgetting how to count during your DQs there Saab. Also looks like BT is trying to apply for entry in the Nano region that is Tuckahoe.

  4. Funny you should mention that HoneyDo…I guess I am so accustom to not following cadence during DQ’s I completely forgot how to administer them myself.

    Great to know about the DK free-style there Splinter…(Still so much to learn given my stubborn refusal to properly study the lexicon.)

    Many thanks LJ…look forward to grabbing a beer this week.

    Remember, it’s not your age but how much your joints hurt (which in my case is a lot).

  5. BT has applied for dual citizenship so he doesn’t have to climb over the wall. And, like cowbell, i need more Honey Do. Well done, Saab! The Squeal Stream couldn’t hang this morning!